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  1. An update: I got my endoscopy done and just had my results come back with everything being completely normal. I see my internal medicine doctor to go over results tomorrow. It was already scheduled for me to see her. This is the gray zone I DID NOT want to be in. The GI office told me I can keep eating gluten because there is no evidence of Celiac. They had zero explanation for the positive DGP IgA and negative biopsy combination. I do not have classical GI symptoms all the time, but my daughter does. I was hoping my positive would help in diagnosing her. She has had a scope a couple of years ago and it was normal. 11 year olds should not have random bouts of vomiting, among other problems. Hoping my IM doc can help tomorrow with perspective. She is the one who told me that a positive blood test cannot really point to anything else, but celiac. She did also say that some people come back (like me) in the "gray zone". She made it sound like it would be up to her then to decide on a diagnosis. Maybe trying gluten-free for 6 weeks...etc. Just hard because I have symptoms that are not classical and are more difficult to distinguish.
  2. Im in the middle of being diagnosed. My blood test was positive 2 months ago. I had a endoscopy a week ago and am waiting for results on that. So for the last 2 months I have been eating gluten and reading about this new possible diagnosis. So far, in my life, the hardest thing has been trying to get those around me to understand how dangerous gluten will be for me. My dad said surely a piece of bread won't kill you. He isn't being harsh. Just a lack of knowledge. I have spent a lot of time just trying to understand it myself. Hang in there and ask around to see if there is someone around that you could speak to who is already dealing with it. I am a prayerful person. My first suggestion would be to pray and ask God to bring someone who understands into your life. If that is not your thing, look into support groups or utelize this page like crazy. Good luck to you.
  3. I too am in the process of getting diagnosed. I do not have classical symptoms, so it was a bit of a surprise to me. Over the last 8 months, I have been sick a lot. It seems as though everytime I get my period it completely wipes me out and I get worn down and sick. A couple of months ago, I began getting dizzy and felt tired all of the time. Napping in the middle of the day (not like me at all). I was losing weight, but not significantly. I have since gained and yo-yo back and forth. Which is strange for such a short time frame. Went to the doctor and thought for sure, I must be anemic (because of the exhaustion with my period..etc). They checked that and I had a lot of blood work done. Everything had come back normal. He thought that my thyroid was slightly swollen and had me get an ultrasound of the thyroid. Came back normal. He then sent me to an Internal meds doc. I was also having some discomfort in my left side of my chest into my back. So she ordered a chest CT scan and a stress test. All came back normal. Very frustrated, I thought I was crazy and needed to excercise more or something. Then a week later they called and said more bloodwork had come back and it was positive for Celiac disease. I had the Celiac panel done and only the DGP IgA came back positive. I am now scheduled for a endoscopy in a week from now. I am not sure what made her go down the path of checking for Celiac disease, but at my appointment with her she asked how my stools had been. I brushed it off saying since I had my last child (18 months ago) that I seem to have trouble with dairy. Gas cramps and occasionally diarrhea. So I had reduced the amount of dairy I consume. Maybe that clued her in. I am hoping this helps with a diagnosis for my 11 year old daughter. She is a tiny little girl for her age and has terrible problems with canker sores and occasionally vomiting without any other explanations. She has seen a pediatric GI specialist and has had a scope and colonoscopy done. All were normal a couple of years ago, but they never did bloodwork. There was no family history at that time and I don't think the blood tests are as accurate for kids. I took her off of gluten for a year and she grew, put on weight, got so much stronger, and quit throwing up completely. Since finding out about my blood test, I have put her back on gluten in order to get her a diagnosis. She is handling it, just ok. She has had a few days of nausea, so hopefully we can get this all figured out soon. Hoping my scope comes back with a clear cut diagnosis. Then we will go back to the pediatric GI (who really was a great doc) with my diagnosis. Long winded post, so sorry. Good luck to you and hoping you have news on your bloodwork quickly.
  4. I had a glass of wine with dinner last night and after a few sips it immediately made my face start burning. If I itched it it felt painful, like scratching a sunburn. At that point I had not eaten anything. The burning pain went away after about 20 min, but itching continued and my face just felt hot for the rest of the night. I don't have alcohol frequently, but I have never had that reaction. I have had a general warm feeling, but not a burning PAIN.
  5. Thank you for the response. I am definitely counting the days until I can officially know for sure and move on with the new diet. I am tired of feeling bad, so it's getting easier to accept the drastic diet changes. I feel lucky that my doctor found it so quickly and I actually got a positive blood test. After reading this site, I can see that is something to be thankful for. I never thought, I would be hoping to have damage to my intestines, or at least enough to get a diagnosis 😉 and move on. But, here's hoping😞
  6. Hello everyone! I am new to this site and only about 2 months into my research on Celiac disease. I am a 38 year old female. After months of having, what I thought was, unrelated symptoms and lots of bloodwork and even a stress test and chest CT scan, I was told my Celiac blood panel came back positive for Celiac disease. Only one of the categories was positive: Deamidated Gliadin IgA was 37. Anyway, it was a shock, but also helped make sense of some issues my 11 year old has had in the last few years (assuming I do habe celiac and she has been passed down the gene). I am scheduled for a endoscopy/biopsy on Dec 22. It was the soonest they could get me in 2 months ago when I got my bloodwork back. So, I have remained eating gluten and have even been enjoying more of it than I probably needed to knowing it is the last of it I will probably get. From what I understand a positive blood test is fairly accurate and I'm probably not going to get out of this diagnosis. My new issue: The last couple of weeks, I have began itching on my face and ears. No rash whatsoever. Just turns a little red from all of the rubbing and itching. Apparently my legs have itched me at night because I have woke up with scratches on them. During the day, it really is just my face that is driving me crazy. It feels hot after I itch kind of like a sunburn. Everything I have read sounds like it is accompanied by a rash (DH?). I feel like this is deeper than the skin. Like creepy crawly feeling. Anyone experience this without a rash? I have had so many ailments over the last 8 months that I can't stand to think this is something new. To be totally honest though, most of my problems may be gluten related in hindsight. We won't know till I am off gluten. I guess.