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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. thank you very much for the replies, at my 6month follow up my labs showed still mildy elevated blood test for celiac and doctor said to be careful with CC but also i had D vitamin deficiency and was low - i did a weekly high dose of vitamin D supplement for about 8 weeks and then they suggested i continue to do an over the counter supplement of Vitamin D supplement (cholecalciferol 1,000 units/daily) which i have been taking the Centrum daily gummies which it says it has extra Vitamin D3 1,000 IU ....is this the same thing or should I be taking something else ? I am going to be going in soon for another follow up and labs and discuss these things. As far as diet , yeah its tough to pinpoint....typically i drink coffee, for meals lunch I do have alot of tomato based foods like tomato soup for lunch and then when i do gluten-free Pasta with regular store bottled sauce that says gluten-free and i still have ketchup often with a hamburger at home. i do alot of chicken dishes with basic seasonings or marinades whcih again are gluten-free
  2. Hello, I was diagnosed w celiac in 2016 and I am male age 46- there is some extended family also w celiac. What happened w me is that I started to get canker sores/ mouth sores in my mouth and especially on tongue and in and around cheeks, inside lip area, they became too frequent and lasted a few days always- would go away for a week and then boom another round of them in my mouth. After a few visits to different doctors they finally focused on celiac potentially after my blood test showed elevated and then I got a endoscopy to confirm. Since then I have been very careful w gluten free, I only buy gluten free products at home and don't only go by ingredients labels to see if any wheat, I am sure that occasionally when I do eat out despite being as careful as I can there is inevitably CC ...... I will still get the mouth sores occasionally and it's very hard to determine if they come about bc I have gotten CC or is this something I will always get because I have celiac and doesn't matter if I get exposed to gluten or not?? I am hoping someone else has these type of triggers out there, I don't see this symptom mentioned a lot out there