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  1. Ah, I see. Thank you! I'll keep on gluten until the appointment, just in case as you said.
  2. Hello again, you may have seen my previous thread! I appreciate everyone who gave the kind words! I had my biopsy done today (wasn't the best experience, but wasn't that bad either). The Doctor came in before the operation and asked me some questions. She told me that I wasn't 100% diagnosed and that she suspected what I had. But didn't tell me what. She said a biopsy was the "Golden Rule" for figuring out if you're a Celiac. After the procedure, she didn't talk to me again and I left the hospital soon after. All I got from her was a standard note saying I should make an appointment 10-14 days from now. She also wrote that my esophagus and stomach weren't abnormal. I'm probably worrying over nothing, but I still worry I might have cancer or something else like that. Does it usually take that long for an appointment?
  3. Wow! I suppose that is a possibility, no wonder so many people have suffered so long without a diagnostic! It seems I'll be getting my biopsy on Friday due to someone cancelling. I'm quite nervous now, everything hasn't really sunk in too deep yet! I feel a lot better due to everyone's kind words though.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about your experience, I hope your daughter and I recover to be very healthy! My current doctor was not the one who issued the testing, that was my old one who recently retired. It seems my new one isn't as experienced, or that she didn't have enough time to tell me all of the details. It seems that many of people who have had more complications due to Celiac Disease had not been diagnosed quickly. Maybe testing is getting better so that doesn't happen again. I feel awful for everyone who has had to suffer more! Before I was diagnosed via blood work, I didn't even know such a disease existed! We all have to rely on doctor's knowledge and testing, because most of us don't even know that there is something wrong with us. Like I did! I wish there was more awareness on the subject, I plan on looking into spreading it one day.
  5. Thank you very much! I hope my case was just caught in the earlier stages (if there is any) and I'll hopefully be tolerant with those other foods you mentioned. Keeping a food journal sounds like a great idea! I'll keep it in mind.
  6. Thank you for all of the tips, I really appreciate it! I've read that even non-glutenous grains (even ones who haven't been cross-contaminated) can be harmful to someone with Celiac's Disease. Is that true? Or is it just a case by case bases?
  7. That's amazing that you started a gluten-free bakery! I have one by my house and walk my dog by it everyday. I know the disease is serious, and would get off gluten now if I could! I've never had much of a sweet tooth, but most of my diet has been gluten centered. That will be a big and tough change. I worry about getting the proper nutrients after quitting it. I hope I'll be able to see a dietician who knows about this disease. I also really need to learn how to be a better cook!
  8. Yeah she did! She also made it out to be that it wasn't as bad as IBS. She said my symptoms would go away if I stopped having gluten, but with IBS I'd have it for life. She really did not convey it very well, I miss my old doctor already.
  9. Thank you for replying! I'm sorry you didn't get diagnosed until later on, going through all of that must have been terrible. I'm lucky that it's getting caught so early for me, at least I think it is. I haven't had health issues in these past years, never even getting sick. The only other thing was getting my tonsils removed when I was young (they were incredibly scarred) and was fine after that. Then in 2016 I had my gallbladder problems around my 19th birthday (in April), had my gallbladder removed in November of that year. I was fine afterwards! Just some occasional abdominal pain and weight loss. My friend also had her gallbladder removed and she too lost weight, so I assumed it was normal. The abdominal pain was thought to be IBS at the worst. Learning I have Celiac Disease is a big surprise, but it also explains quite a bit. I have been reading up on Celiac Disease and I'm glad I've found this forum. I didn't know that you couldn't kill gluten with bleach, so thanks for the heads up! I don't want to cause further damage to my body and even if it is hard, I'd like to stop taking gluten now. However, I know it's needed to keep taking it until I get my biopsy done. I don't like the thought of putting more and more poison into my system.
  10. Hello Everyone! I had a blood test back in December and had an ultrasound on January 2nd. This was all due to some weight loss after having gallbladder surgery in 2016. I just chalked it up to not wanting to eating fatty foods afterwards and having smaller portions. I wasn't too concerned, since I felt way better (I was a bit overweight before the surgery.) I had a bit of abdominal pain, but I was told that was normal after surgery. My mother was concerned and so I went to my doctor with her. My doctor said I probably had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (as a side affect from the gallbladder) and ordered me to get some blood work and ultrasound done. The doctor's office called and said we needed to talk about my tests, the receptionist said it wasn't bad. This happened on the day of the ultrasound, so of course I was worried! I scheduled for an appointment with my new doctor the next day (old one sadly retired, had her since I was born). I was nervous that night, but just chalked it up to it not being that serious. Next day I go to the doctor's and she tells me how clear my ultrasound was and how there were no blockages. Few! Next, she told me how my blood work came back normal (cholesterol, iron, hormones, ect), I was so elated! But then, she told me I tested positive for Celiac's Disease. My happiness drained away in an instant, I hadn't heard of the disease before, but knew it wasn't good. She then told me what it was and how it could cause cancers. Next, she said I needed to have a biopsy done to confirm it. I was shocked and afraid. I had thought it was just a vitamin deficiency, nothing this bad. Currently, I'm waiting to get a biopsy done and am remaining on gluten. The thing is, I'm pretty scared! Cancer has run in my family. It killed my Grandmother, my Uncle, and recently my Aunt this past summer. I know celiac disease causes your rates for certain intestinal cancers to go up, and that has me worried right now. I'm afraid I'll have lymphoma when I get my biopsy done. So I was wondering if my ultrasound and blood tests being fine meant I didn't have it. Just having some clarification would make me feel all the better right now. I could really use some kind words and encouragement.