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  1. Ah, that's very interesting, thanks! I'd wondered why the recommended challenge period was so much longer for the blood test, but that makes sense.
  2. I assume this happens to lots of people on the "diagnosis treadmill" for coeliacs, but I've certainly started connecting some dots after reading about the implications. I'd always assumed that I was gassy after eating large amounts of carbs (invariably containing gluten) because of the makeup of my gut flora - but those symptoms would line up with the gastrointestinal effects I've read about. I've also been diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency twice (treated with topup injections) and, on reflection, that made no sense given my diet - but would be explained by having coeliacs. It's just a shame that the endoscopy is a necessary evil (although understandable) for diagnosing it. I've read that some NHS trusts here in the UK will employ a second blood test and skip the endoscopy if that comes back positive...which sounds far more convenient!
  3. I feel silly typing this, but part of me had imagined that it was on a if a coeliac could eat gluten up to a point without testing positive, and then there'd be a point when they'd tip over. This makes no sense, of course...but I must've picked it up somewhere. I'm kinda assuming a positive biopsy at this point - but will continue to eat gluten until the procedure, of course - and it'll be interesting navigating the gluten-free-free world & wrangling with potential cross-contamination issues.
  4. Yep, thats' one of the links I'd seen. I've never eaten gluten free, so I'm not really on a gluten challenge. The concern only arose because, prior to the blood test, I'd been eating too much bread (I mean excessive amounts), and consequently gaining weight. It was totally unsustainable, and I deliberately cut it back (down from something glutinous with every meal to the current regime of having some with with 2 meals each day) in order to stop my weight from ballooning. (Although, I must admit I still enjoy bread at the weekend, and will certainly be having a fair amount on the Sat/Sun before the endoscopy!) It was just that the advice varied so much from place to place, and I'm slightly worried (probably unduly) that the original blood test was skewed to positive by the additional bread I was eating. But if is considered reputable (I must admit I'd not noticed it was part of a university), and they're recommending half a slice of bread or a cracker each day, then I needn't be concerned. That said, I might try sneaking in a few pieces of toast here and there...not sure if I'll be able to eat them again! I hear you! I try to be pretty strict with my diet, unfortunately (hence cutting back on the amount of bread), so I can't let myself go to town on croissants, but I do put aside one day each month to go wild. Needless to say, this month's day falls before the endoscopy...potentially my last opportunity to enjoy some really good scones!
  5. Hi all, I visited my doctor in mid-November regarding some on-off abdominal pain and, to rule things out, a blood test was ordered. This included a celiac test, which came back positive. I've been referred for a follow-up endoscopy, which takes place in a few weeks. My concern is...there doesn't seem to be any consistent advice on how much gluten to eat in the run-up to an endoscopy (I know that it's necessary to eat some amount, to ensure that some damage appears in the intestines). So far, I've encountered four suggestions: 1) a "normal diet" containing gluten (this was the advice given by my doctor...but no indication of what they consider to be "normal"); 2) "half a cracker" per day; 3) 6 slices of bread per day; 4) some gluten in at least 2 meals per day (specified by NICE here in the UK). At the moment I'm trying to compromise by eating: - 1.5 portions of All Bran for breakfast; - 130g (dry weight) pasta for lunch. So I'm aiming for something that meets suggestions 1 and 4 that seems reasonable (and doesn't prompt weight gain). I'm just wondering...has anyone encountered any more concrete advice on how much to eat pre-endoscopy? Thanks!