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  1. Thanks I am lactose intolerant so have been keeping lactose out of my diet for most time but if I do eat food or drink I take lactose supplement. I also have chronic anemia n very low blood pressure at times cause me to pass out. I do tend to be very tired and fatigued even if just doing basic necessities like brush my hair or dressing myself. I try to watch what I eat n struggle with my blood sugars as well but I don't want to eat foods with gluten anymore in the case I do have celiac disease n want to feel close to better rather than sick or something related to it. I am stubborn n hard at hearing when told things to do or try , I'm difficult that way but am trying to do things differently n better for my health overall. I'll check out the info n links u mentioned. Have great day.
  2. Thanks but if I start a gluten free diet and all or most of my current symptoms get better or are not as bad as now then id rarhwr continue gluten-free diet n not test for it. Could care less if others don't believe me or it helps keep me on strict gluten-free diet cause being t1d for all my life still doesn't keep me from staying on strict diet / med regimine as it is. But knowing that any or many of my symptoms res love for better will be good enough for my own reasoning to stay gluten-free. Thanks for your advice it is appreciated n helpful for family health screeling. I just don't want to feel so disgusted by my symptoms n running to restroom not to even make it in time, or sleep in different room due to has or burprhat is constant n unbearable 75% percent of my day . Why would anyone want to keep eating gluten if it means feeling sick or worse? Maybe I'm more stubborn than I realize or should be Idk but any advise help words of wisdom and support is needed n appreciated, so thank you
  3. I'm new here, & think I may have celiac disease. why should I be tested for it and continue eating as normal, feeling like crap and constantly having many symptoms related if I could start a gluten free diet n feel better? It doesn't make sense in order to be diagnosed with it you have to keep gluten in your diet and then have biopsy? My dr doesn't think that's the issue as I'm a type 1 diabetic for 35 yrs with uncontrolled bloodsugars, gastroparesis, anemic, constart diarrhea almost everyday, and am on narcotic pain meds that Dr has decreased for last four months yet still have stomach issues. Why not just start gluten-free diet n see if it helps any? Any one have advise please?