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  1. Thats news to me, they didnt tell me how to eat at all, they just said add gluten but didnt tell me how much lol. Which is problematic in more ways then one as i am also recovering from bulimia and have a really iffy sense of how to eat in the first place. Im calling my GI tomorrow to request...
  2. So with the first scope they told me they didnt take enough samples and with what they did have they saw some inflammation but they didnt go into detail about it. It is torture for sure but they were really pushing me to try.
  3. So a few months ago I tested positive (blood test) for celiac disease, at the time I was told to go on a gluten free diet asap. I did a biopsy about 2 weeks later and I just learned the biopsy was done poorly and was ineffective because of the instructions I was given. I am now being told I need...