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    Questionable celiac

    Thank you again for your response and good info. I will definitely delve deeper, and check on my old records.
  2. Pixiegoddess

    Questionable celiac

    Thank you cyclinglady. I misspoke in my original post. I was 49 when I had the questionable biopsy but negative blood tests. I am now 61 and recently had an EGD without a gluten challenge. This most recent EGD was where the scalloping folds and crypt hyperplasia came from. The biopsy was negative - I'm not sure how many biopsies were taken. I could check on that. It was recommended I do the gluten challenge to have the blood tests done, to see if that would make a difference in the results. Just not sure I want to continue, due to how it's making me feel. But a more definitive answer would be nice to have. I do have other symptoms that are not GI related as well.
  3. Hello! I've had GI issues most of my life, was diagnosed with IBS at 19 and again at 59. Biopsy done at 59 was questionable for celiac, but blood tests negative. I was dismissed by doc and told I have IBS. Recently I have been on a mostly gluten free diet - not super strict, but stay away from obvious sources. Was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. EGD showed scalloped folds and crypt hyperplasia, but biopsy negative for blunting. I did not do a gluten challenge like I should have, which I now regret. Thoughts on where to go from here, or should I just stick with gluten-free diet?