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  1. Ennis thank you for the reply!! Really glad I reached out to this site. The posts are really helpful.
  2. Hey, I am in the middle of my gluten challenge now. It is awful. I forgot how bad I actually feel eating gluten everyday. I am usually paleo but will eat gluten free oats and brown rice here and there. I always eat clean and healthy. I am getting sick of eating bread. I thought I read in a study that doctors used vital wheat gluten in a shake during a clinical trial? Has anyone ever just added Vital Wheat Gluten to a shake or smoothie during the "gluten challenge?" They sell it at whole foods, I bought some but wanted to see if anyone else has tried this. I figured this would be okay since it is straight gluten. I know most people say 2-4 slices a bread a day. The past few weeks that is what I have been doing. I appreciate any feedback. Thank you!