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  1. Not long ago I donated blood, which I'd done many times in the past. I would always feel a little faint, but eating cookies and drinking juice before I left did the trick. This last time, I ate and drank as usual and thought I was OK. But when I left, instead of going back to work, I had to go home to rest. I just didn't have the energy to do anything. I didn't think much about it until the next day when I almost passed out from weakness. It took about a week to feel normal again. I had an endoscope and colonoscopy last week, and the Dr. said it looked like I have celiac disease. I won't see him for the results until next week, so I haven't been officially diagnosed. They do a finger prick to check for anemia before you give blood. My question is, how accurate is that test? I am constantly fatigued and my skin is pale. I bleed more than normal from minor cuts. Is there a more comprehensive test for anemia other than the finger prick?
  2. I have not been formally diagnosed with celiac, but had a colonoscopy and endoscope 2/14/18 and my GI said it showed celiac disease. I will see him again in two weeks to get the official results, but I am now convinced I have celiac disease. Looking back I have had mild digestive symptoms for years, but after having nausea and bowel changes, I decided to ask for a colonoscopy since I was 51 and needed a screening anyway. After hearing my symptoms, the doc also ordered an endoscope. In the few weeks waiting for the appointment, I had what I thought was either the flu or the mother of all stomach viruses. Vomiting, diarrhea, severe body aches, low grade fever that lasted almost a week. By the time of my procedure, I felt better but not completely well. Since I had mainly quit eating solid foods (I craved milkshakes of all things) and then had to do bowel prep, I noticed in some ways I actually felt better. Since I was told it showed celiac, in the last two days I've eaten gluten free even though I don't have the formal diagnosis. But last night we went out to eat, and I decided to eat a meal I knew was not gluten free. Kind of an experiment. We went to the grocery store afterwards and I told my husband, "I've got to get to the bathroom fast!" It was out of order. I ran to the McDonalds next door and almost didn't make it. I learned my lesson. I'll definitely go to the GI for my followup appointment, but I'm sure now that it is celiac disease. It's weird how I went from mild symptoms to this in a matter of weeks. I also have the skin rash and constant muscle aches that started about 9 months ago. If I don't take NSAIDS I can barely walk. I saw my regular doctor and a rheumatologist for this and never got a diagnosis, other than possible fibromyalgia. I am curious to see if gluten free will get rid of these body aches, since all the NSAIDS have irritated my stomach. Also, out of the blue a year ago I developed horrible migraines. I'd never had them before. Six months ago I was diagnosed with mono, followed shortly by a severe strawberry allergy (I have to carry an epi pen). Just really strange things started happening to my body, and I've only now put two and two together. After doing my own research, I know these are all symptoms of celiac disease. Even though the diet change will be life altering, I think it will be worth it. Thanks for letting me share my story.
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