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  1. Taking one Benedryl as a precursor is not a problem what so ever. I am well aware of this study and do not take it except for on occasion. I have a prescription for another medication should I accidentally eat something i'm allergic to.
  2. Just a thought, after my diagnosis, I found that I had all of the symptoms you are having, along with my body simply being swollen all of the time. I went back for more testing and and allergist confirmed that I have allergies along with Celiacs. As soon as I cleared up my diet the symptoms went...
  3. I find that If I am not very vigilant about what I eat, It HAS to gave a gluten-free label and made in a facility that doesn't process wheat or milk (allergic to milk), I get really sick, and it further raises my anxiety about eating anything, even an apple. I no longer eat at restaurants unless...
  4. So Last night I ran out of my gluten-free rice sticks brand and I tried a package of the SunVoi rice sticks my mom gave to me a couple weeks ago. I quickly looked up to see if they were okay and everything I read insisted they were gluten-free, well they were not. I spent all night on the floor crying...