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  1. Taking one Benedryl as a precursor is not a problem what so ever. I am well aware of this study and do not take it except for on occasion. I have a prescription for another medication should I accidentally eat something i'm allergic to.
  2. Just a thought, after my diagnosis, I found that I had all of the symptoms you are having, along with my body simply being swollen all of the time. I went back for more testing and and allergist confirmed that I have allergies along with Celiacs. As soon as I cleared up my diet the symptoms went away. This is what I did by the advice of my mother in law who is a nurse: I took a benedryl to see if things got a better for me. If it works for you it is more than likely you have some food allergies that need to be addressed. As I started my gluten-free diet I found myself eating more dairy, corn, soy , oats than I have ever before, all of which effect me negatively, Milk being an actual allergy, the others are just very harsh on the gut.
  3. I find that If I am not very vigilant about what I eat, It HAS to gave a gluten-free label and made in a facility that doesn't process wheat or milk (allergic to milk), I get really sick, and it further raises my anxiety about eating anything, even an apple. I no longer eat at restaurants unless the entire place is gluten-free, but I don't talk about it, I just have a glass of wine and chat. It seems like it gives everyone else anxiety the more I talk about it, not me. My quality of life has gone up significantly, because I am more vigilant about my needs. I think the key is to not feel bad about it, don't let others press you into eating at a restaurant, a potluck, or even your family's cooking. I offer to make the food myself, I bring ingredients and treat them to a home cooked meal, as a bonus I don"t get sick because they mindlessly used butter or a contaminated knife. I firmly believe that the comments and judgments from others is what fuels the majority of anxiety some of us feel. Maybe if people stopped thinking we are fad dieters it would be easier, maybe if people stopped purposely spiking our food to "see what happens" things wouldn't be so stressful.
  4. So Last night I ran out of my gluten-free rice sticks brand and I tried a package of the SunVoi rice sticks my mom gave to me a couple weeks ago. I quickly looked up to see if they were okay and everything I read insisted they were gluten-free, well they were not. I spent all night on the floor crying so sick, I wasn't able to find relief like I normally do because I recently found out that i'm pregnant. I just wanted to see if anyone else has tried this brand with luck, and if not warn some people about the contamination.
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