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  1. Great post. I think it can't be stressed enough that, while this is a website for Celiac's, "other food intolerances" can cause the same effects as gluten intolerance. My blood panel came back as "possible but unlikely for Celiac's," but the test showed some sort of abnormality (weak positive...
  2. Okay, so I've been avoiding gluten and milk for a week (which I know is not enough time,) but humor me. Because I've been avoiding cow's milk, I have replaced it with soy milk, which I eat with (gluten-free) cereal almost every morning. Since my bowels seem to be getting worse, it occurred to...
  3. Thanks for all the help/suggestions. Sounds like the only "test" is to stop eating gluten for a few months. No wonder people are confused about this topic. Thanks, Ed
  4. Interesting, thanks. My doctor just messaged me a few minutes ago: "Your serum IgA levels were normal on this test. Because your tTG is weakly positive, it is unlikely that you have celiac disease." Not real helpful. So looks like a biopsy is in my near future... and maybe a new doctor...
  5. Thanks for the reply! What you described for your results makes more sense to me, because what I read said that a positive for (TtG) IgA almost certainly indicates Celiac's. What I'm a little confused about is my case, where the (tTG) IgA in the normal range and no IgA deficiency, but the (tTG...
  6. Hello, Can someone give me (if possible) a simple explanation what the attached test results mean? Result for (tTG) IgG is a "weak positive," but everything else was negative. Given my circumstances, it probably indicates Celiac's, and I guess the normal course of action is to get a biopsy...