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Mike Menkes is a transplanted Brooklynite who has lived in South Florida and New Zealand since 1970. Licensed as a health care practitioner since 1983, with a degree in Psychology and a minor in bio-chemistry, Mike has been trained in, and has implemented, natural therapies, including: herbal remedies, nutritional advice, sports and stress-relieving hands-on work, exercise, hydrotherapy, oral chelation, cranial therapy, and electrical modalities. A former National Sales Manager for a California-based nutrition company, as well as being an Advisor for Life Extension Foundation, Mike integrates western medicine with alternative support. He has a successful track record of developing and marketing proprietary nutritional formulas, and linking original nutritional supplements with name-brand vitamin companies. Working with Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Compound Pharmacists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Exercise and Nutrition Mentors, Mike helps to interpret medical and alternative material into easy-to-understand terms. Mike counts on exercise, eating 4-6 small soy-free and grain-free meals a day, good sleep, family and friends, and his 12-year-old son Maxwell to keep him on his Anti-Aging goals. Although age 59, Mike has the Biological Age of a 48-year-old. B.A. in child psychology and a minor in bio-chemistry [1970]. Life and Health insurance sales [1970-1982]. Florida-licensed massage therapist and nutritional advisor since 1983. Life Extension Foundation nutrition advisor and product formulator [1993-1994]. Klamath Blue Green, Inc, National Sales Manager and product formulator [1996]. Broker to Solgar Corp "NeuroMins" from Martek BioSciences. [1997] Author, HIV & AIDS: 101 Ways to Regain Your Sanity and Health. [1999] Formulator of Anti-Aging Creams and Nutritional Products [1990-2007] Malibu Naturals Online Nutrition Advisor [2002-2003] Health Science Solutions President [2002-present] Brochure and Product writer Nutritional Educator Educated in natural hormone balance and nutrition Wellness Clientele have included: Peter Martens and Darcy Kistler [NYC Ballet], Gov. Pataki [NY], Susan Lucci, Bill Koch [America's Cup Winner], Rod Dixon [Boston Marathon Winner], Earle Mack [US Ambassador to Finland], Sen. D'Amato [NY]. Websites of Created Products/Services: http://www.stress-breaker.com/ http://www.healthsciencesolutions.com http://celltherapyotc.com/ http://www.doctorenergyinc.com/http://www.powerbilldiet.com/ http://www.greenenergyflorida.org/ Articulate Stage Presence Contact: Mike Menkes, LMT 954 534-1887 mikemenkes@yahoo.com

  1. Most people are familiar with terms like natural hormone balance, BHRT, and bio-identical hormones. Alternative health care practitioners run expensive tests to alter or favorably increase specific hormones and offer specially-compounded expensive medications that are more compatible than regular...