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Renee Hoak

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Hello, My name is Renee Hoak and I was "first" diagnosed with celiac disease when I was 16. I say "first" in such a way because I feel like my doctors don't really know what to tell me anymore. I gained over 40lbs in 2 years, was getting sick all of the time and had test after test done on me. So now I am following the celiac diet and have lost weight after 4 years and still trying to deal with this disease. Other than that, I am in cosmetology school eager to work and live my life!

  1. I know I have been following this diet for 2 years now, but it still seems like it hasn't been any easier to follow. I still have the  temptations, cravings and I feel like there is nothing for me to eat. My doctor has told me to stay away from greens and the gluten because not only do I have...