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    I love reading, listening to music, and eating!

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I was diagnosed with celiac in early January, but have been dealing with the symptoms for seven years. My celiac was most likely triggered by untreated whooping cough just prior to symptom development.

  1. Thank you. I understand you can't get me a referral, and my insurance doesn't require one so I'm not concerned. I am also not concerned about learning about Celiac itself. I have done a lot of research in that area. More concerned with finding a doctor who can help me with other associated conditions...
  2. I was diagnosed with celiac in January, by my gastroenterologist. After asking him various questions, I am not confident in his familiarity with celiac disease and am looking for a "celiac specialist". I am in North Carolina in the Raleigh- Durham area. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations...
  3. I'm less strict about mascara bein gluten-free (unlikely that you'll ingest mascara). For lipstick I looked up all of the lipsticks I owned prior to my diagnosis, some happened to be gluten-free, but as I get more certified gluten-free lipsticks I'll get rid of my old stuff. Here are some links...
  4. So this doesn't really answer the initial question, but have you tried a rotating diet to prevent further intolerances? A rotating diet is a diet in which you never eat the same food twice within a four day period. For example, you eat an omelet with cheese and mushroom on day one, no eggs, cheese...