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  1. Hi. I'm not sure which test I had at Gp's. She Just said they had tested and come back negative. I have tested myself on a couple of home tests that also came back negative and not sure what they test for?. I have been gluten free now for 6 days so can't retest. Like you say will have to wait for biopsy results to come in. Thanks for the reply
  2. I have had bowel problems for quite a few years, urgency for bathroom. Also upper stomache pain with nausea keeping me awake at night intermittently. I had an endoscopy last Thursday and initial findings were oesophagitis (uk) and hiatus hernia. I had a biopsy taken and need to wait 3 weeks for the result. My bloods were negative but I do have Hashimotos and possibly RA as well. Is it likely that the oesophagitis would have caused my bowel problems or has anyone else had this and biopsy has been positive for celiac?.