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  1. Thanks for the reply TiV and apologies for the late response. Still waiting for my biopsy results after my scope for over a month now.
  2. ~Hi TiV, thanks for your message. No I don't have black stool or any blood. I would describe my stool as sticky though since I went gluten-free, mostly neither loose or firm and I have seen some mucus now and again ~(before & after going...
  3. Fell off the gluten-free wagon starting with Fish & Chips last week, Veggie Burger in a bun last Friday & few biscuits while out with the family over the weekend. I also had a toasted sandwich 2 days ago, it was sourdough bread but...
  4. Just as an update, it is now 2 months and I've been avoiding all Wheat and Gluten. The only thing I have eaten in that category is Spelt Sourdough toasted. It seems to be something I and others also can tolerate when other breads are out...
  5. I am due an endoscopy by the end of this year to check on my barretts so I can always ask them to check for signs of Celiac. However I have cut right down on my breads and other wheat containing foods since my original posts and am...
  6. Well, I called the doctors today and was told all my bloods are normal and are marked 'no further action required'. This is including the test for Celiac. Not sure what to think now. My condition has improved somewhat 1 week since I have...
  7. Thank you for the replies. I have booked a doctors appointment for Monday and will ask if I can have a blood test. I have always suffered from a degree of bloating after food for as long as I can remember but I just learned to live...
  8. Hi all, new here and am hoping for some advice or to hear from people with a similar experience. In brief I have been having gradually worsening symptoms for about 6 months (but have been avoiding over eating wheat based products for...