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  1. Hello Everyone! A little background history, about 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Disease. I had half of my thyroid removed due to an irregular biopsy. No cancer, but a plethora of daily meds for the rest of my life! My Endocrynologist ran a full comprehensive blood test and it showed that I was anemic as well as my liver functions were low. She recommended that I visit my PCM and have him check both of them more extensively. Well, I did go visit my PCM, and he ran a Celiac Panel and a Ferritin test. The Ferritin came back slightly anemic but my hemoglobin levels were fine! However....my Celiac Panel came back with what seems to me to be a mess. My Gliadin Ab IgG is 160 higher than normal, Gliadin Ab IgA is 234 higher than normal, my tissue transglutaminase Ab IgG is normal at 2 but my tissue transglutaminase Ab IgA is >100 higher than normal and my IgA is normal at 258. His nurse called me this afternoon and told me that my results "indicated" celiacs and that I was being referred to a Gastroenterologist as well as a nutritionist. "Indicated", could you please be a bit more descript????? Can anyone enlighten me as to what these results actually mean??? Do I have Celiacs? And I Gluten Intolerant, or have a gluten intolerance??? This is just so frustrated?!?!