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  1. She recommends your diet to be 80 percent raw veggies focusing on dark greens, no animal meats, no dairy, No Oils of any kind, high omega 3 ‘s such as flax and chia seeds and tons of water. Breakfast is her Green smoothie: Fill blender 75 percent dark greens, 25 percent fruit and 2 tbs o...
  2. Six Week Raw Vegan Nutrition Protocol Rapidly Reverses Lupus Nephritis: A Case Series Brooke Goldner, MDGoodbyelupus.com KEYWORDS: Lupus nephritis; Raw foods; Vegan nutrition ABSTRACT There is a strong body of evidence suggesting that plant...
  3. I think these comments aren’t very helpful, insult my intelligence and spread negativity. There are tons of scientific research studies showing reversal/remission of autoimmune diseases. Please keep an open mind. I am just trying to help people. All I am suggesting is to read Dr. Brooke Goldner’s...
  4. I have suffered from Celiac Disease since 2008. It took at least 10 years to be diagnosed so for 22 years I have suffered from this disease. I began searching for ways of eating that would help me manage my symptoms. I tried paleo for 10 years with only small amounts of relief. I began researching...