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  1. Thank you for this post it has given me some good insight and hopefully some answers especially about magnesium as I have suffered with crippling migraines since my teen's, so I think vitamins is my best route, Thank you for all your help Christine.
  2. Unsure what was tested with thyroid test, anaemia ruled out, had blood test last week to see if there was any gluten but was told it was good, got to go back to doctors next week so you have given me some questions to ask. Thank you.
  3. Diagnosed in January, yes I've had my thyroid tested.
  4. Hi, I found out I was celiac after tests cause I was feeling exhausted all the time. I've changed my diet and followed doctors advice. But I'm still exhausted all the time, to point it takes me hours to work the energy to even wash up. Been tested for vitamin deficiencies, all negative...