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    Need some help

    Sorry it has taken me awhile to reply and thank you both for your help! The panel that was done included Gliadin IgA which was in normal range, tTG IgA which was in normal range, Gliadin IgG which was in normal range, and tTG IgG which was high. Unfortunately a IgA serum was not done so I do not know if I have a deficiency. I unfortunately went gluten free at the encouragement of my rheumatologist and wasn't able to get in to see a dermatologist until 4 days after being gluten free. She took a biopsy anyway and it came back saying I have psoriasis. I am now going back to the rheumatologist to see if my joint pain could be psoriatic arthritis. I feel better on the gluten free diet but would still like to know if I am gluten intolerant or have celiacs. I am a little apprehensive about eating gluten again as I do not want the psoriasis to flare up again. The psoriasis began to clear up within days of starting the gluten free diet. Anyone have a similar experience? Should I pursue further testing or just continue on the gluten free diet?
  2. Thank you Bree J! I am just so confused about the testing that has been done. I am planning to stay gluten free as it has been helping my symptoms. However I would like to know for sure if it is celiacs or not. Now I am scarred to ingest it again though as I fear it will cause my psoriasis to flair up again. I really don't want to have to feel self conscious all summer and cover up my skin. I was positive something autoimmune was going on though as I have a long family history of autoimmune disorders. It is nice to know I am not the only one with these symptoms though.
  3. I am new to the forum and have a couple questions I am hoping someone can help me with. I was referred to a Rheumatologist a couple months ago due to pain in multiple joints (hips, shoulders, knees, back, neck, ect.). After a physical exam the doctor determined that my joint pain was most likely caused by my many back and neck issues. I was given cortisone injections in my shoulders, blood was taken for testing, and I received a referral for MRI. Blood work showed a vitamin D deficiency and I was prescribed supplements a Celiac Panel was also done and showed high level of tTG IgG with everything else normal. Unfortunately a TtG IgA serum test was not done so I have no idea if I could be IgA deficient. While waiting for my blood tests I developed a rash on both elbows. I was worried once I received my celiac panel results that it could be DH so I decided to go to a dermatologist. They did do a biopsy unfortunately I had already been gluten free for 4 days at that point as my Rheumatologist had suggested. I was expecting a negative biopsy but was surprised when it came back positive for Psoriasis. Now my dermatologist wants me to go back to the Rheumatologist to rule out psoriatic arthritis because of the joint pain. I have continued with the gluten free diet as it has made me feel better and made my psoriasis improve and heal almost immediately. I guess now I am left wondering if I could have celiacs or if the positive tTG IgG is related to the autoimmune psoriasis. I am not really sure where to go from here and wondered if anyone had any advice. Thank you!
  4. I was recently referred to a rheumatologist because of some joint pain I had been having. He was unable to determine the source of the pain so I was tested for many different things. I was vitamin D deficient and started on supplements to bring my levels back to normal. Today I went back to the rheumatologist for a follow up appointment. He had ordered a Celiac Disease Panel and told me the results came back with a gluten intolerance and I should begin a gluten free diet. Can a celiac panel show a gluten intolerance? What is the difference between that and Celiac Disease? Should I have been referred for a scope to make sure I don't in fact have Celiac? I also developed a rash recently on both of my elbows that is very itchy. I am concerned it might be DM which would point to celiac as well. Just feeling a bit confused and not really sure if I should just start the diet or if I need follow up and make sure I have and intolerance and not celiac. Thank you for your advice and help.