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  1. I was recently referred to a rheumatologist because of some joint pain I had been having. He was unable to determine the source of the pain so I was tested for many different things. I was vitamin D deficient and started on supplements to bring my levels back to normal. Today I went back to the rheumatologist for a follow up appointment. He had ordered a Celiac Disease Panel and told me the results came back with a gluten intolerance and I should begin a gluten free diet. Can a celiac panel show a gluten intolerance? What is the difference between that and Celiac Disease? Should I have been referred for a scope to make sure I don't in fact have Celiac? I also developed a rash recently on both of my elbows that is very itchy. I am concerned it might be DM which would point to celiac as well. Just feeling a bit confused and not really sure if I should just start the diet or if I need follow up and make sure I have and intolerance and not celiac. Thank you for your advice and help.