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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Help!

    Nice to meet you all too, Everyone is so nice!!! Sorry i just realised that there are alot of weird things and errors in my post. Im trying to work this out. I thought i deleted...
  3. Hi

    Ok Thank you very much! Sorry, i will limit my "leet" speak and i will try to capitalize too.
  4. Hi everyone, i thought that i already typed this but i think i deleted it... my name is lani, im 15 and live in australia i have been on the coeliac diet for about 4 months...
  5. hey i wanna b an exchange student too i study italian tho so i think it will b really hard sorry cant help u but if u do find anything id love to hear about it good...
  6. hey everyone my name is lani and i have recently found out that im coeliac and im also new to this btw i am australian..r there any other aussies on this..r u all mostly american...
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