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  1. Hello, I’m new to the site and would like advice and/or recount of related experiences. I’m a 37 year old female experiencing new digestive issues for about 8 weeks or so. I’ve had chronic constipation my entire life but lately random foods will cause diarrhea. Also, I’m experiencing terrible abdominal pain and bloating that lasts for hours at a time. My abdomen becomes distended and feels like it will burst. My symptoms are similar to how I felt when I had gallstones but my gallbladder was removed 8 years ago. I recently had routine blood work done and they found vitamin D and B12 deficiency, low hemoglobin, and elevated liver enzymes. Doing some research into these results I am becoming suspicious of gluten intolerance. I also have other symptoms that I had attributed to daily stress but now I’m not so sure: fatigue, joint and muscle pain (knees primarily), hair loss, traces of blood in urine. I’m going to request a referral for a gastroenterologist but was curious if anyone had experience with symptoms similar to mine that resulted in positive diagnosis. Thanks.