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  1. To monitor dietary compliance, DGP is the preferred test rather than TTG. Other conditions can impact TTG levels and sometimes antibody levels can wax and wane without reason.
  2. That's right stayed on normal gluten diet. To be confident im not celiac, i will do another biopsy to make sure that the villous atrophy hasn't worsened. My case isn't rare from my research, just shows that celiac needs a more reliable test as blood tests & biopsy can be impacted by other...
  3. Yes the biopsy showed increased IELs and patchy villous atrophy. However the biopsy also showed giardia. I do also suffer from Osteoporosis, which made celiac seem likely given my age.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone else on this forum has seen their blood results turn negative overtime on a normal diet? Below are my results. Im a male adult early 30s. August 2018 (Normal Gluten Diet) Anti-Gliadin IgG: 2.0 -Negative (Negative <=6.9 U/ml) Anti-Gliadin IgA: 1...