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  1. i haven't had my biopsy yet. Was scheduled for early january but due to my weight (i'm overweight) i cannot have it done in the outpatient center. So I am rescheduled for end of February at the hospital. This is actually my sons arm.
  2. Recurs Inside elbows. Similar recurring rash on buttocks. Doctors always say eczema.
  3. how much gluten do i need to be eating before my endoscopy? It is scheduled for early january. I went back to my normal eating habits and of course I am miserable So how much do i need to be eating per day to ensure my test is still accurate but hopefully lessening how awful i feel?
  4. I have thyroid antibodies. They are actually pretty high. Over 600 for Thyroid Perioxidase Ab. The soonest I can get into Columbia is January I started eating gluten at 1 meal each day and i am miserable. constipated with occasional urgent diarrhea, headaches, my skin looks like crap, bloated. Just...
  5. I did some asking around and the Celiac center at Columbia has rave reviews. Luckily I live less than an hour from NYC so I'll be headed there next.
  6. Next steps: I went gluten free for a month. I definitely felt "less worse" if that's a thing. meaning i wasnt skipping around like mary sunshine but my chronic stomach ache went away. Also after i had the latest blood draw i ate half a soft pretzel and within 20 minute had a mid numbing migraine...
  7. I don't yet know why I am hypothyroid. I am meeting with an endocrinologist tomorrow. My Primary only ran TSH and Free T4. TSH was high and she put me on levothyroxine to help my metabolism. I'm 40 and just starting to unravel why i have hated my body (inside and outside) for all of my life...
  8. I think it’s because she doesn’t believe I have it. She basically told me I had IBS before running blood. Then she ran genetic tests thinking it would rule celiac out. I truly think she believes there will be no change in my numbers after going gluten free. This is all being done with a gas...
  9. Hello, I am brand new here. I have had blood work (while eating gluten). Followed by genetic testing (positive for both genes). Now I am on a 4 week gluten free challenge. Doc says she will then repeat my blood work and if my levels normalize she will order an endoscopy and biopsy. My question...