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  1. Hi, I had the tissue transglutaminase Ab, result was was <2. My immunoglobulin A was 313. What's DGP?
  2. Thanks NNowak I see my GI on Dec 4th. So we will see what he has to say. This is all new to me and feel really overwhelmed!
  3. Thanks GFinDC. Still eating some gluten but changed my cereal to gluten free. My negative celiac test was oct 1st so not sure how soon they will test me again. I am scared due to the weight loss. I dont want to keep shrinking! I am also starting to get depressed. My appt with GI is Dec4th.
  4. New member. Hoping to get feedback if possible. I have experienced about a 14lb weight loss. Visited GI and tested for celiac but results negative then concern for IBD but colposcopy normal. Then had egd and biopsy from small intestine revealed intraepithelial lymphocytosis (small bowel inflammation...