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  1. Hi Brightstar: It could be that your body is NOW in the HEALING PROCESS, and (pardon the slang) sucking up a lot of missed nutrician and holding on to it till 'it' feels it is back totally healed. Yesterday I read an article that said when you are 'glutenized' and in pain, vomiting, losing weight...
  2. Good luck! I wish I could gain 10 lbs. I've been overweight most of my adult life. About a year and a half or so ago, I went on Keto. I started losing weight faster than I anticipated. Sometimes 3 lbs. in two or three days. It continued. When I started Keto I was probably about 180 lbs. Am...
  3. Thank you very much! I am most interested in how others became suspicious of Celiac Disease. I want to hear if anyone has had unplanned weight loss. I have read about the villi which are in the small intestine, not 'standing up' and therefore, can't digest fats. Please do let me hear your...
  4. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia years ago by Dr. Atkins 5 hour blood test. I have also had many of the symptoms stated online relating to Celiac Disease. I was super shocked to see many women suffer infertility (I have adopted children), are short in stature, vomit, lost weight without trying...