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  1. I totally agree, luckily i am seeing the same nurse (advanced practioner) and she seems to be on the ball with getting answers for me and helping a diagnosis. She has sent me for lots of tests for things and i see her to discuss results and things. She never makes me feel unimportant and i really...
  2. The burping, flip flops, vit D deficiency and IBS is where i am now. I have a test at the docs next week a celiac test but i am hating having to wait. I didnt know you could buy them yourself - Are they reliable?
  3. Thanks for your reply. Would the B vitamins and magnesium show up on a blood test? I was under the impression they checked for vitamin defenciences hence the vitamin D being low. I should have also mentioned excessive gas but from my mouth and the top end. I see many symptoms saying about...
  4. So 10 weeks ago i had really bad headaches and sinus pain. I have had 2 lots of antibiotics and also am having physio for neck pain that nurse said might be causing headaches. I had bloods to check diabetes etc and vits and they said low vitamin D so i have been taking daily vitamin D tablets. ...