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  1. Thank you, yes I live in America. I'll look into lipheap though my mother doesn't like and I quote "getting handouts" it's going to be difficult to convince her. I'm currently searching for a job I'm trying to move out of this house but it's been difficult. Thanks everyone for replying
  2. I still live with my mom, unfortunately she refuses to use government assistance. I'm not sure what else to do as I'm currently searching for a job
  3. We do have a mold issues which we cant afford to removed at the moment I have no where else to go I think your right my breathing was fine today as soon as I went into the room with the mold I got short of breathe. I'm too poor to move unfortunately Yes it was a typo I'm on my phone I don...
  4. I've been breaking out every night for the past week I went to the ER they gave me a benadryl. Also note that I just got over pneumonia and thyriodist. Anyway every night my tounge feels strange and I break out with tiny itchy bumps all across my face and neck. The bottom edge of my lip gets puffy...