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  1. True because no one has it in my family. But my mother was anemia when she was alive, may her soul rest in peace.. She ate gluten tho. Didn't have any symptoms. She was taking anemia medicine and was okay. It might be my liver, or the gardinis. Cause before the antibiotics it was worse. But I read...
  2. I don't want to see the doctor as I think I have been misdiagnosed. He gave me antibiotics after explaining all the symptoms related to cealic disease and that I had eaten a game meat which was caught in the wild and tasted ink like. As he stated I have gardinis . Also I had been having liver problems...
  3. And I just want to add that isn't malabsorption have yellow, pale floating, greasy stool. That stopped after the course of antibiotics now. I have normal brown, stool as I did before eating the meat. It got better until now my sto is perfect. Im just irritated by oily eggs, milk,. I can eat cookies...
  4. But no one has it in my family. No one ever had cealic no other autoimmune diseases except anemia but not caused by cealic. I also have I think for myself liver disease before all the symptoms started I've been having liver disease. I can't go to the doctor again it has caused me a lot of money I...
  5. Guys you my only hope. I've been having gas, bloating every cealic symptoms since last December 2019. When I remember it all started after my father bought us game meat. Which has been kept for 3 weeks, the meat had a bad taste a gave us daherria. It tasted as if it had been poison. And I only use...