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  1. We did get the official dx today and my daughter took it very hard. She has been gluten free since the surgeon told us it looks to be Celiac. My daughter also has food sensory- she has had this since she was a little girl. She literally has to inspect every bite before she eats it. If it looks weird...
  2. Hi= My daughter is 17. She has had stomach issues for several years. She has had stool test that came back elevated and then it would come back better, not normal, just better. They were never "in the Celiac range of abnormal"- that was about 7 years ago. We just have been managing her stomach aches...
  3. Hi Everyone, My 16 yo daughters TTG IgA came back at 18.7, the normal range is up to 14.9 so it seems mildly high, is this correct. She has always had stomach issues, but recently she has had terrible fatigue with cramping and more diarrhea. My question is, back in 2010 she two test 3 months...