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  1. ya it is a symptom, i got an intolleence and allergy in early febuary, knew it show the dairy but didnt say wheather was lactose intollerence or allergy but i knew it was lactose because of symptoms i get, i do have lactose free dairy products they cause no problems to me. Need to see a dermatologist...
  2. Thanks so much for the infomatiom, i say i am deficient in some vits and mins defo calcium as i say i have developed ostiopirosis, will be getting vitium blood test also with the celaic tommorow, ill be 8 weeks back on the gluten which what the doctors office recomend, i dont just get gi stmptoms...
  3. Hi my name is kate me and my mom are getting tested for celiac on thursday which i just know we have. Can you get missed periods with undiagnoised celiac disease. Well i have had missed periods for a long time since 2012 could have been earlier not sure. Might miss a month or 2 or sometimes miss...