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  1. Hi Cyclinglady, I had one entire day of not feeling sick for the first time in a long time. I ate a piece of cake and have been very sick since. I keep doubting what is apparent, that gluten is not my friend. It’s difficult to accept — especially with that darn blood test. Thanks aga...
  2. Hi Cyclinglady, Thank you for your reply. I agree with everything you’ve said. I’m in a predicament & not knowing is stressing me out. I was so sure this was celiac disease, or gluten-intolerance, but then my bloodwork doesn’t seem to support it, I think but idk — I’m hoping ot...
  3. I was covid+ in early March and thankfully my breathing improved, temp went away, and I’m covid recovered. However bad bad stomach issues, a constant headache, brain fog, and extreme body aches & exhaustion persist. About 3 weeks ago my doctor suspected Celiac... somehow was triggered?....