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  1. Yes! My full paralysis only happens on my back and if I sleep on my side it only happens to half my body- the side I am sleeping on. It will take me 2-3 hours to come “out if it”. But I take 3-4 Benadryl pills (or liquid) and boom! It’s liike it relieves the CNS inflammation somewhere and speeds up my ability to move to like 1/2 hour. Still tryin to figure out why it helps me- the neural pathway....
  2. Yes I have! But mind last for 2-3 hours til I can fully move. But 100 mg of benedryl works wonders. My theory is that gluten causes CNS swelling somehow due to a rush of mast cells releasing huge amounts of histamine... and the result is the paralysis. I am determined to figure out how the neural pathway is affected!
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