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  1. It must be , because It did nothing but help me out. I even lost some weight behind it. Glory be to God the most high.
  2. I've been to my primary care doctor. She wrote me a prescription for gastritis and I feel a ton better and I am not bloating up after I eat. I've been eating gluten free and I feel great now.
  3. I haven't eaten any fast foods or anything thing with gluten sinse I was diagnosed. My stomach is what is still bloating and is the problem area. I'm afraid to eat anything. My doctor told me I could eat eggs and rice. I stop eating bread all together and I don't touch wheat , oaks or barley products...
  4. I was diagnosed with celiac discease 3 weeks ago. I barely eat hardly anything, but when I do I still bloat. Even when I drink water or eat an boiled egg. I'm kinda afraid to eat and still not losing weight. I'm not a large person, it's my stomach is bloating and I'm not use to it. I've went from...