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  1. Hmmn ok thank you for the info I'll try keeping track
  2. Ok hmm ya I thought it was weird dice I've had it before I just thought it was weird since I've had it before.
  3. I ate some gluten free mac and cheese a few weeks ago and did fine. I decided to get it again and about 10 minutes after eating it got sick? Anybody know what could cause that?
  4. Yes they did. Maybe you're right maybe it's something else in that food. I've eaten other udi things too with no problem.
  5. I'm not sure about dairy or any of that. But I eat diary a lot and it never bugs me. I had my gallbladder removed that's what gave me the gluten intolerance. It's by udi and I just put it right into a sauce pan. Thank you for the idea I'll give it a try!!
  6. I have recently found out I need to have a gluten free diet. I usually do good with eating gluten free. I ate chicken alfredo that was gluten free and got an upset stomach. Any ideas as to why?