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  1. Some my wife asked me and I didn't haven't a clear answer. If your antibody levels are really high and you already know you have the gene markers, why do an endoscopy to confirm? Even if the endoscopy is negative you would still likely be celiac and need to go gluten free? She mainly asks because...
  2. Yeah my primary doctor told me I was celiac based no all that and sent my stuff to Gastroenterology to see if they wanted to see me. Their receptionist scheduled a biopsy yesterday. They told me this morning to keep eating my normal diet till the test. I don't have any major noticeable stomach issues...
  3. I was told this week that I am celiac. I have significant iron deficiency, my celiac antibody indicators were all high. I went gluten free about three days ago (11/20). I had upper endoscopy scheduled today for 12/10, from what I gather I should keep eating some gluten till after the endoscopy?...