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  1. We are awaiting the results from the test but blood test that have returned have pointers towards celiac. We have cut out major risks of gluten but it’s a learning process of what is hidden. We have also found peppers and black pepper results in pain later. So where some products I thought was s...
  2. Thank you for advice. Going to do more research and await for blood test to come back to move forward. And see what happens. Currently reading about diets . Again thank you for the advice.
  3. He’s been under lymphodema clinic for two years. All they have suggested is medical socks which he has worn religiously. Having several new measurements. I would say that one leg would have over a stone if not more in weight. In two years he’s gone from a size 11 shoe to 13 . The other leg isn’t a...
  4. Hi all, firstly apologies for long post. for awhile I suspected hubby having a gluten allergy. And finally after some serious nagging to the gp he had a test on Monday. Now for last say 10 years he’s had stomach issues. Gone from 18 stone to 26 stone, suffered with anaemia, fatigue ,...