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  1. hcg

    Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Getting Over The Past

    Hi email my private email, I have someone that may be of interest for you to talk to. My email is info@colleencurrantrading.com Hang in there as I am sure it is all very overwhelming! CC
  3. Getting Over The Past

    Absolutely I would help! I think they do trst all children in Italy?? The one problem is still the testing as some people come back false negative! I wish you all the best. !(1 there is a connection between pregnancy issues and fetal developement, my friends child was born with no soft spot and she now knows that it was from untreated celiac. :onestly my heart goes out to you!
  4. Getting Over The Past

    I just have such a hard time reckoning with my experience...I ruminate over the past and the lost years and lost opportunities because of it. I think of the wasted time in school because I was too sick to actually learn. I think of the lost youth and try to reframe my experience to be positive but in my heart I just think, what an awful waste of time. I really don't think it was necessary yet there is noone to blame, really. I mean celiac is just coming into the awareness of the general population. Does anyone else have obsessions or rather nightmares about where they have been on the way to health! I just wish I had known better, I am sure we all do!
  5. Getting Over The Past

    [quote name='Jkrupp' date='Apr 16 2009, 02:05 PM']I am actually newly diagnosed and cannot help but review the past and be upset. I look back and remember being told I was a hyperchondriac by family and doctors it's in your head its' your depression. Now many yrs. later and very ill I have an answer I wish I had earlier. I hope now that this becomes a routine test for children during thier annual appts. I fear my G.I. consult and tests to come, Thou, I try to be positive...... I can't help the What if's. I have too young boys one of which was born Blind....I did not have the 2 causes Gestational Diabetes or exposure to toxic substance could the fact that I had this disease all this time and eating gluten,wheat,soy dairy all of which I am intolerant of be the toxic substance that caused my sons birth defect. I need to research more. Both my boys show symptoms of the disease and will be tested in May. My mom is just as always unsupportive my inlaws are always supportive and I have siblings that have always had the same issues but b/c of how I was treated they never bothered till they got older to seek help. I can't express enough to them they need to be tested to be on the safe side either way. I have to remain positive b/c when I found out I cried and my boys were very upset. I am still upset I know now I'm not crazy and I now have to switch over to an expensive lifestyle to be heathy I am cheap. This is very hard for me. I will continue to try and remain positive. So all in all I feel your grief. I am there too.[/quote]<br><br><br><font size="3" color="#0000ff" face="Courier New">I </font> I completely understand and feel your pain, now you have to get on with waking up to real life of not being sick which isn't easy either when you spent so many years ill. Knowing how sick I was and knowing that I could not have carried a pregnancy; nothing would surprise me in relation to your instinct about your son. I am so sorry! I am just so sorry that we have all had to suffer years of overriding our instinct as women that something was wrong. I think all celiac's can relate to the being called a hypochondriac and oh you just have depression, if I JUST had depression then why didn't the 20 different kinds of medication (that all had gluten) in them help me? Because it wasn't organic depression at all...I don't eat gluten now and besides dealing with the past, I don't have depression and I don't take any medication for anything!! I just really think that the nightmare stories need to be heard because if I had come across the info in my years and years of reading books like 'I am not crazy, I am just Creative' or books about STD's (which I was sure I had) and psychology books and medical journals etc. I may have been saved from the many years of unnecessary suffering. Our stories need to be heard!!!!!!! The other reason is that if you told me that the reason I couldn't get out of bed was because I ate a pizza last night, I would think you were crazy...now I know just how sick that can make someone that can't eat wheat! What a bloody nightmare that was! Also, I have loads of trust issues now, my husband says I don't trust anyone...either would he if he went around begging for an answer out of suffering every single day and no one in the medical community did anything to help!! I feel your pain! All the best to you!
  6. Hello, I understand, it is hard to be the sick person for so long and it for sure takes a toll on ALL relationships. What I would suggest is focus on being well, there is not much you can do or say to change the last 13 years. I found that people end up thinking you are making it all up and the only way to redeem yourself is not through words but action. When your husband and your family and friends see you feeling better, they will understand and quickly forget the pain of the last 13 years. So keep futrure focused because trying to change the past is a dead end street..that is what I have found anyway. It is really hard for others to understand but in time..the past fades and the future of being happy, healthy and well takes over, Thank Goodness!!
  7. [quote name='quietmorning01' date='Mar 27 2009, 02:24 PM']Hi, Colleen, I can so relate to what you've written above. I have a blog here, and I do try to keep up with it, and will continue to do so. At this point I am not confirmed as being Celiac - I see my doc Tuesday to talk to him more about it. I'm positive for the biopsy, negative for blood work. I've been misdiagnosed a million times and can also give you THOSE experiences (nightmares). You are welcome to PM me any time with questions or anything I can help with.[/quote] Hello, yes..I would not worry about the blood work personally but I know it may help to have for insurance, etc. However, if I tried something that actually worked then I would have stuck with it. I found journals were I committed to eating more broccoli incase that would make me feel better, I likely ate it in a salad with croutons...ridiculous looking back. Anyway, I am interested in documenting those nightmares because I think it would help people realize that other people share the same experience and I think it could help people who are newly diagnosed not feel so alone in their quest for health while reckoning with their past. So feel free to tell me any or all of your story... Be well! Colleen
  8. I am new to blogging but I need some help from the celiac community. I have a background in psychology and I have set out to write a book. I have been diagnosed for 5 years (am 32 years old) after years and years of misdiagnosis. After being sick for most of my life...I feel I have only just 'awoke' to realize that I have much more mental and physical capacity than I did when I was trying to cope with life undiagnosed. However, this doesn't discount where I have been, on my quest and journey to health...what I have found is that we are offered many practical ways of dealing with a diagnosis, however the emotional issues that go along with having had a relatively easy yet elusive cure to years of chronic illness is what still gets me down on many days. I guess this is where I still feel alone...even though I know that I am not..I think it would help to read others honest, very honest stories about where they have been in their journey for health. So with that said, I am collecting stories, real people and real stories about what it was like before, during and after diagnosis. Also, it can be anonymous if you choose! Please email me with any questions or comments, concerns or suggestions! helenacolleen@gmail.com Best, Colleen
  9. Newcomer

    HI Rachel, Perhaps I can offer a suggestion...stop calling this a diet because that word is depriving...how I learned to think about it is this..I can have or eat anything htat I want but I choose not to eat things with gluten because they make me sick. Another thing that I did was to make sure you are never hungry, always have nuts or fruit etc so you are not ravenous when you go to eat... Also, make sure you are taking viamins because if you are starved of vitamins then your brain will be craving because your body isn't nourished. These are some of the little ways I started to finally feel better and stick to eating free of gluten!! Oh, also I would suggest making a list of all of the things that you CAN eat so that you don't have to constantly look at a list of things you are deprived of. Hope this helps!! Colleen
  10. I understand, especially in the catholic church if you don't go to communion it means you have sinned, so either you go and get sick or you leave everyone to wonder how you are sinned. nice eh?
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