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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. hcg

    Getting Over The Past

    Hi email my private email, I have someone that may be of interest for you to talk to. My email is info@colleencurrantrading.com Hang in there as I am sure it is all very overwhelming! CC
  3. hcg

    Getting Over The Past

    Absolutely I would help! I think they do trst all children in Italy?? The one problem is still the testing as some people come back false negative! I wish you all the best. !(1 there is a connection between pregnancy issues and fetal developement, my friends child was born with no soft...
  4. hcg

    Getting Over The Past

    I just have such a hard time reckoning with my experience...I ruminate over the past and the lost years and lost opportunities because of it. I think of the wasted time in school because I was too sick to actually learn. I think of the lost youth and try to reframe my experience to be positive but...
  5. hcg

    Getting Over The Past

    [quote name='Jkrupp' date='Apr 16 2009, 02:05 PM']I am actually newly diagnosed and cannot help but review the past and be upset. I look back and remember being told I was a hyperchondriac by family and doctors it's in your head its' your depression. Now many yrs. later and very ill I...
  6. Hello, I understand, it is hard to be the sick person for so long and it for sure takes a toll on ALL relationships. What I would suggest is focus on being well, there is not much you can do or say to change the last 13 years. I found that people end up thinking you are making it all up and the...
  7. [quote name='quietmorning01' date='Mar 27 2009, 02:24 PM']Hi, Colleen, I can so relate to what you've written above. I have a blog here, and I do try to keep up with it, and will continue to do so. At this point I am not confirmed as being Celiac - I see my doc Tuesday to talk to him...
  8. I am new to blogging but I need some help from the celiac community. I have a background in psychology and I have set out to write a book. I have been diagnosed for 5 years (am 32 years old) after years and years of misdiagnosis. After being sick for most of my life...I feel I have only just 'awoke...
  9. hcg


    HI Rachel, Perhaps I can offer a suggestion...stop calling this a diet because that word is depriving...how I learned to think about it is this..I can have or eat anything htat I want but I choose not to eat things with gluten because they make me sick. Another thing that I did was to make...
  10. I understand, especially in the catholic church if you don't go to communion it means you have sinned, so either you go and get sick or you leave everyone to wonder how you are sinned. nice eh?