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  1. Nice video thanks. Looks like the water activated enzymes worked quickly to separate the starch and gluten. I’m happy to give the test a go, over a 7(?) day period, but it’ll need to wait until January sometime. What are you wanting to validate? My original comment wasn’t explicitly nor implicitly stating that a 3 day cold/slow fermentation destroys gluten.
  2. My reply to your points 1) I said I ‘first learned about it’ on the linked reddit post, don’t know where you got the ‘base this on’ idea from. 2) Yes, I’m not celiac, why you believe I implied that celiacs are safe to eat bread made this way, is beyond me. 3) gluten intolerance, blood tests by a laboratory and results interpreted by nutritional doctor. 4) I suspect, yes as in a hypothesis yet to be proven. That is, it’s not a proven fact. Are we not supposed to discuss ideas on this forum? (Rhetorical question)
  3. Thankfully, we have your comment as an example of the belligerent consequences of erroneously inferring that when a gluten intolerant person is adding something that hasn’t yet been brought up in conversation by way of sharing a couple of experiences and their current understanding of the role of water and enzymes regarding gluten in slow (cold) fermentation bread production that the gluten intolerant person is making a recommendation to celiacs.
  4. I wasn't suggesting it was gluten free, nor was I referring to gluten-free wheat starch.
  5. I’ve been trying a refrigerated 3 day bulk ferment of white wheat flour sourdough with success. I’m gluten intolerant, there are celiacs in the extended family. With a 2 day refrigerated bulk ferment I felt some reaction unlike the 3 day ferment. I first learned about it here. https://www.reddit.com/r/Sourdough/comments/cko3x8/72_bulk_ferment_turned_out_nice_made_it_last/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf I suspect what is happening is the water is activating enzymes which are then breaking the bond between the gluten and the starch. I read iof anothe
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