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  1. TestyTommy Thanks for the information about the extra demand for water that coeliacs need. I didn't know about that, a new thing for me to google. How are you guys with tree nuts and whole corn pieces? Tree nuts bloat me up. Ground corn is fine but if I have whole pieces of corn the next day my upper back is sore. chau
  2. Hi. I had exactly the same problem, always waking up during the night and therefore not being alert during the day. I cured it by taking vitamin B supplements and making sure I got regular exercise. Those with coeliac disease have an extra demand for the B vitamins (1). Whether we just don't utilise them well or just use a lot I don't know. If we don't get enough B vitamins we can get a bit anxious (well I do anyway). I have found that B complexes with B12 seem to more beneficial. I recommend taking a vitamin B complex, consuming 100mg of vitamin B6 a day to start off with and then adjust as necessary. all the best Dwayne (1) this is according to Adelle Davis, google her or search amazon for more information.
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