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  1. My advice would be to call the nurse and discuss it with her. She'll probably discuss it with the doctor. Surely this is not an uncommon question. You would hate to keep him gluten-free if they want gluten in his system and then have to wait even longer for the testing. Also, he does not have to be Celiac for a gluten free diet to be a positive thing. The gluten-free diet in itself is a test and if without gluten you know he's better then just do your best to keep him gluten-free. You may have to come up with a creative reason since he is a teenager and knows more then you do!
  2. My advice would be to talk to the day care director. Perhaps get a letter or something from the doctor stating your child has celiac disease and ask the director to keep it in your child's file. Seeing a medical document may have some effect. If you explain the seriousness of celiac disease to the director ~ and compare it to an allergic reaction that someone would physically see like peanut/diary/etc ~ you may get some cooperation. The other kids in my little one's classroom that have allergies have poster size signs on the wall with their name and type of allergy. The posters are in the classroom and kitchen area. Trust me, your child is not the first one to attend that daycare center with an allergy. Tell them you insist your child's health is treated with the same respect as the other children.
  3. I was diagnosed in Jan and have been gluten-free since. I too am now gaining weight and I am very upset about it. I am anxious to see the responses...
  4. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! I'm going to do that tomorrow! You are a genius!
  5. Why do we need to use gluten-free make-up? I understand lipstick. Please help, I'm still a newbie!
  6. I agree with you. Appears they would love to have Celiac's purchase their products but are not dedicated enough to truly cater to us.
  7. I have always known I was a little lactose intolerant even before the Celiac disgnosis. My doc says it is possible that intolerances differ. Taking Lactaid has never helped me. If I have milk on an empty stomach I suffer, for instance having a bowl of cereal for breakfast. But cheese, milk, etc. with meals throughout the day doesn't bother me. Here is something strange, since going gluten free my lactose intolerance has gotten worse. My doc said it's only coincidence.
  8. I have not visited PF Chang's since going gluten-free but I have visited Pei Wei numerous times. Both resturants are owned by the same people. I have never tried to order fried rice but I will say that the managers at Pei Wei are very knowledgable about gluten so I would assume the PF Chang's managers are trained as well. If you call the resturant and speak to the manager I am sure he'll be able to help you out. I have been to two locations in Houston and I have been very impressed each time. I have never gotten sick. I think I've just decided on what I'll be having for lunch today...
  9. I understand EXACTLY how you feel. My scopes were done 3 days after Christmas so I stressed over the holidays. I have no tolerance for pain whatsoever! But honestly, and I am truly being honest with you, it is no big deal. You will get an IV and that is the only thing you'll feel. The medication to make you sleep is given through the IV. Before you are put to sleep they squirt your throat with a numbing spray. Next thing you know you are awake and done. Mine took 20 minutes total, and that was the endoscope and colonoscopy. You don't feel anything afterwards. Well, maybe you'll feel a little gas. The hardest part for me was the fasting, that sucks. And the day of the procedure I couldn't even drink anything and my mouth was so dry. I was given medication to help with the anxiety, maybe you could ask for that. Anytime I have a procedure done (or papsmear) I buy myself something immediately afterwards. New jeans, charm for bracelet, new make-up, etc. That way I have something to look forward to.
  10. I hate to be the one to tell you this but you cannot have any Godiva. Sorry! I have heard that See's are wonderful! (Hey, at least we can still have M&Ms. It would be inhuman to not be able to eat M&Ms).
  11. You guys are KILLING me! I want a pizza from Pizza Hut...real greasy with extra cheese and pepperoni...never again...
  12. That was funny. Now I'll probably giggle every time I watch House and hear lupus. (That would be a fun drinking game.) Friday night I watched a rerun of House on USA and the patients (mother and newborn) had celiac. It was very disturbing. Also strange because celiac was discussed on The View that same day. Until my diagnosis a month ago I had never heard of celiac and now it seems to surround me.
  13. Why do we need to use gluten-fre body products? Gluten doesn't absorb through the skin does it? Is it just the risk of having it on your hands and therefore contaminating food?
  14. I am so excited! I LOVE cereal and I am so tired of eating the same stuff over and over. And I totally love cereal with marshmellows.
  15. Thanks for posting the site! I love the way Rosie was taking it so serious. I sent the clip to everyone in my family so they'd see I'm not a hypochondriac.
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