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  1. HI ya... Right got my thyroid results and it says TSH : 0.68 the range is between 0.27 - 4.2 so does that mean its normal or low?? Also got results for bisopy but nmot seen doctor yet and it says: D2 Biopsy Maroscopic : two pale mucosal fragments 1- 2 mm Microscopic reveals mucosa of normal villous patten. No evidence or active inflammation or organsims is seen????? What now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that mean I am not celiac??? I am at my last straw now Mandx
  2. Thanks so much for replying Yeah I am just trying to enjoy not feeling so ill and relax which helps healing doesnt it so easier now the sun is shining.. I am going to get some probotics this week and introduce those. Yesturday I ate alot more rice and dont seem tyo be as fatigued today so may be I just wasnt eating enoughdue to be paranoid about the candida was worried about taking in to many carbs..but on the other extreme if you are fatigued constipation is worse and the yeastie beasties love toxic waste so Ive uped my rice introduced lepicol which is a fibre supplement including probotics and enzymes and yes it is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and everything else free lol... I am going to grab that supplement that you mentioned Ursa and I really due value your comments thanks to any one that has ever responded you have all help me so much get to this poijnt.. I hope I havent done permanet damage too but think although this has been going on for 15 months 7 months I was on candida diet which was pointless when still eating gluten but saved my belly for the 7 months aprat from when I was eating ryvita everyother week.. Too be honest the challange has made it defanate in my mind I have got it as I felt so ill and also stopped any cravings I had for gluten as when I look at it now just reminds me of that challange.. Take care mandxx
  3. Hi Guys hopr your all okay Right thank god challenge is over been back on diet 1 week and 3 days and counting. It has made a massive difference my tum has lost loads of bloat but is still bit bloated and hard and feel slightly tender but my guess is taht the challenge has made it pretty sore. The depression has lifted 80% feel more positive accept when these new symptoms are happening : Right I am getting now: CONSTIPATION CHRONIC FATIGUE and brain fog couldnt even think of the alphapbet at work the other day and was tiered I was tempted to lock my self in the cupboard and go to sleep. Its like my brain wont work and when I try its such an effort and my body is achey really heavy and BLOATED I was looking 9 months preganant but no where near that now however it is still bloated and hard like a layer of fat sometimes I think but I have lost so much weight I am 4 lbs under weight for my height etc..so its not fat..worse when I get fatigued as above but maybe tahts due to lack of energy so my whole systems slowed down so may be thats why I am getting the big C???? DIZZY - COLD - HAIR BREAKING THis has been awful really dizzy along with the above and hair so dry and breaking off which is worry ing me... BAD SKIN BLOTCHY LOOKING ... I am also doing teh candida diet so no sugar, yeast, moulds etc so my diet is restrictive but I am doing my best to compensate I eat rice for breakfast with pilchards to slow the GI down Rice with tuna and salad at lunch with olive oil meat / fish (lean) with loads of veggies and a bit of rice or potatoe Snacks are rice cakes Vitamin B complex Minerals Complex Candiclear Lepicol - introducing it today to see if it gets my bowels working properly I cant eat dairy which is a pain but my face swells up I think it agrevates me but its hard to tell with so many things happening with my body I sometimes dont know whats doing what. Cant eat nuts and not sure about seeds. To be honest after eating gluten for 5 weeks I am trying to keep it so basic so I dont go wrong .. My doc has just sent off blood work for Thyroid can you suddenly get thyroid probs after going gluten-free? Or do you think my body is just adjusting? Or am I not eating enough? Why is my tum still bloated? Could this be to do with thyroid I read thin people get slow thyroid aswell but the weight fat get stored around thier tummy?? I also need to introduce probotics but which is the best any one got any idea as I cant afford to keep spening all my wages on supplements..lol.. Sorry going on just got so many questions. I went to find out about the pill aswell as I have taken myself off of it and she said that she thinks I need my hormones levels checked on blood work as been off of the pill for 2 month and no bleed. But I never bleed alot on the pill 1 day tiny bit...weird stuff going on with my body... Another thing is I go to the gym 3 times a week and it wipes me out and I am not training hard?? THanks guys if I can help any one in any way let me know:)
  4. Hi peeps... Right been on gluten-free 1 weeks and 3 days since biopsy since I feel better in myself bit more positive etc.. BUT.. When I wake up i never feel like I wake up properly I was getting fatigue before gluten-free but IO had so many symptoms may be I didnt notice it then i dont know..or may be its withdrawal from other diet or just that theres not enough fibre in our gluten-free diet so we end up toxic from the big C... FATIGUE: I wake up tiered..with red eyes and as teh day goes on it gets worse but my whole body feels like its got led weights on and I cant think..couldnt even do the alaphabet last week in my new job which isnt good at all.. BLOAT: Also I still have bloating nothing like it was but still bloated but I am still haveing to do candida diet so could it be the candida? Or do you think the new diet has made us constipated which is why we bloat still? or takes time for bloat to go as we heal? Or maybe its to do with Thyroid as I have read you can get bloated DIZZY: Yesturday I had really bad dizzy spells all day and just couldnt function it was awful..and my eyes were so blood shot all day..I did go to the gym the night before may be that contributes to the fatigue a bit but I used to train for competitions and i am doing nothing now compared to what I used to as I am fatigued all the time. (I do 25 mins cardio 3 times a week and some light weights to keep my fitness at a reasonable level until I a m fully recovered).. DRY HAIR & BREAKING cold etc... Doctor has just sent of blood work for thyroid test so may be thats why I am getting fatigue as I think Iam easting plenty.. I have rice with fish for breaky Rice with salad fish at lunch Meat or fish with loads of veg in the evening Linseed Vit B's Minerals Candiclear 2 litred of water a day I was constipated the other day took mil par (hope that was okay dont know) and after going to th loo fely a little bit more enegergised the next day so may being toxic doesnt help.. The main thing that getting me down is my bloat and fatigue...I dont care if I have to live on baked beans for life just want to be normal... xxMand
  5. Hello I had to quickly reply as you sound like your having excatly the same problems. I have systematic candida I dont think Ihave it as bad as before but I thinks its reposnsible for the rest of my bloat and other symptoms an I cant eat anything with sugar, yeast moulds etc.. This started for me 14 months ago after loads of antibiotics an operation and then more anti's..never the same when I came out - got tested for loads and they just said IBS and I have had IBS I knew it wasnt as I had a seizure, look pregant and I am only a size 6 loads of symptoms.. I went to a homeopath who said I had chronic candida. 7 months on the diet and she said I could have ryvita and every time I ate it I had symptoms. She said I am fine and just have a sentstive tum so I didnt have them that oftern once every two weeks and now it makes sense why I was like a yo yo..the ryvita were gluten and I had celiac..so I was recovering and then glutening myself!!!! and then doing it again when I started feeling better..its so draining trying to cure your self isnt it !! I only had them now and again as I thought maybe I needed more fibre.. So at the end of 7 months fighting candida she said right it should be gone, I ate normal slowly aswell..I got ill massive hunger pangs back, distention bla bla bla..she said you have an underlying problem thats why its not going - you need more tests. So I am hoping this time celiac diet and candida diet and antifungals with probotics must work then because your tums healing thats why it didnt before. Totally agree with the last post must be because we are celiac's.. Ive just had bisopy last tuesday and I asked the GI consultant about canida - she said yes if you are celiac you can have bugs in your belly - I aslo asked what am I supposed to do about the itching constant thrush she said you diflucan one tab you can buy it from the shop I said I have about 5 times it doesnt work - she said oh okay if your celiac thats coz your not absorbing the tablets!!!! (why didnt they think about it like that 14 months ago NHS is so poor..I am having trouble working for them going through all this lol.. Ive been trying to cut all carbs but I get fatigued and my job is very physical and Ive just had 5 weeks off ready for my gluten challenge so need my job to pay for all these blimming supplements..lol... We will get there if you ever want to contact me as I am doing the same thing my email is: moseleymand@hotmail.co.uk Take care Mand
  6. Wowser, I how are you?? Have you still got thrush or has is gone?? JUst wondered I finished my challenge had my biopsy and now looking to tackle candida but cant cut all carbs as I end up fatigued then I get down then I have to physicaly lock myself away from food..lol.. JUst wondered how your doing matey Xmand
  7. HI ya.. I have problems with anything from gluten free range as is all packed with sugar and yeast and I have candida..so it feeds the yeasties..Obvisouly whole foods are okay but I cant eat the gluten-free bread or anything defo cant eat coco powder.. Good luck we will get there in the end ...My dad said to me this morning some of it may be state of mind as when it goes on for so long and it restricts your life you get down and when you get down you can cause problems like I get constipated when I get down... Take care matey..x
  8. Hello Thanks for replying So do you think its best to cut out carbs from the diet? It is so hard as candida diet is no sugar, fruit, yeast , moulds, celiac as you know is quite restricting but some people say you need to cut them out to kill yeasts. I am also cutting out any form of dairy, soy, peanuts as I think they disagree with me. If I cut rice and potatoes theres not alot left to eat but veg and protein. I just feel like its dominating me as a sperson and it all gets on top of me now and again. I dont even reconise my self when i look in the mirror I look awful! Hope your doing okay, its nice to be able to come and speak to people who understand what your going through. MandX
  9. Thank you for replying.. Yeah I know I shouldnt try and do to many things at once but this has been going on for so long and Ive been given Homeopathioc diet for candida I think I still have that because of celiac and gluten-free diet and no dairy or nuts etc... The first day I thought Id try specific carb diet and just eat meat and veggies and see if I have a problem with rice etc..but then started to feel fatigued by second day brain fog etc..so today I thought Id have some rice and now I am thinking wish I wouldnt of had the rice..and do you know what I think all this is making me so depressed I feel like I am trapped in this horrible "Ground hog Day thing " that wont go away...I was so healthy before..sorry I am so upset today feel like giving it all up .. Maybe I am being to hard on myself as its only day three of diet ..I feel so down and negative about myself look tiered all the time and drained which has zapped all my confidence.. Sorry going on and thanks for your support XMand
  10. Hello All hope your all well.. Ive just finished my gluten challenge and glad to be back on diet ... Ive got to wait a month for results and I am so scared that its not gonna be celiac I have all the symptoms and respond with diet but this has gone on for 15 months and I think I ve lost my confidence that I am ever going to get back to normal.. I apparently had a bad case of Candida so this time I thought I would go carb free aswell.. Well, first day I was buzzing as didnt have to eat gluten..as I know my tum swelling goes down and taht has been sooooooo uncomfortable.. I havent felt hungry on the carb free diet but after 2 nd day have been feeling really tiered and not sure if I am constipated as go a little but always have that feeling in my tum not quite evacuated stools... I had stopped sugar, carbs, yeast etc to starve candida but do you think I really have to stop all carbs..is it really necersarry..or do you think taht my tum being swollen is just gonna take time to go as its healing... I know I have a reaction from sugar fruit, chocolate etc Also I have had these strange veins that have dialated round my eyes and spoke to an optician as have had dry sore eyes too and she said it could be celiac artery???? Any one heard of that ..I asked doctor (not my normal one) and he said you have always had them they just dialte when your hot but they wasnt there before.... I am not sure whether its best to do no carb and be constipated or just have a small amount of rice a day ..Please advise....thanks well down at the moment .. After 2 days Ive lost loads of weight straight away I think when eating wheat I get water retention aswell.. XX Mand
  11. Hello there... I hope you dont mind me asking as I am too a fitness Instructor and was supposed to be aompeting before this all happened. I get really bad destion too my belly gets so massive and hard I used to have a flat tum with a sick pack and just wondering if my tum will ever go back to normal?? I have just finished a five week gluten challenge so my tum is soooooo sore at the mo and I have decided to do just meat and veg for a while to give my tum a chance to recover. Before the challenge I had been gluten free without realising as I was on a candida diet for 7 months but homeopath said I could have rye...so when ever |I ate rye I got bad tum but other than that felt alot better. When I had rice I seemed okay my belly went down a bit but not completley ...did your tum go down on the diet ??? Nice to speak to a felolow instructor I bet you understand the big belly bloat nightmare even more being into fitness... Take care xxmand
  12. Hello... I am on my 5 th week of eating gluten biopsy tomorrow... I feel sooooo depressed suicidal..massive belly and very sore..I had more issues with big bulky stools or constipation now I have direah and cant wait to get back on diet .. Ive also had a weird coldsore for the whole time which just wont go it just sits there as if its waiting to come up again in a funny blister..I dont want to go anywahere cant stop crying..and keep getting the urge to eat loads of chocolate as I wont ever be eating it again after this!!! Keep smiling ..how long are you doing it for ???? Mandx
  13. Thanks guys for responding. I know I must sound mad to go through it but I need to know and they wont look into any celiac other conditions unless I get diagnoses. I suffer candida and if they diagnose celiac they will prescripe me nystain to kill candida. I need to know as its a life long change for my own peice of mind. I am also suffering with facial swelling really puffy face cold feet etc not sure if its celiac or thyroid but one thing at a time ..I sound like I am 80 yrears old..ha ha ha.. At the begining I thought mm enjoy bread whilst you can but now uugghhhh hate it now and chocolate posion thats what it is !!! Thanks again I 'll post when I have some news of biopsy.. KIndest regards Mandx
  14. Hello .. I am suffering with candida a massive yeast infection and I am waiting to be tested for celiac I did candida diet for 7 months and it didnt work homeopath said there is an underlying problem tahts why yeast wont go...so I ve now been told once i get back on celiac diet to heal tum and do candida diet aswell it will go ..as celiac is the underlying problem.. Consultant said to me about the itching (thrush) to take one tab difflucan..but it didnt work and she said it would probably be because celiacs dont absorb tablets, vitamins etc normally so it wasnt going... Are you on the celiac diet?? Take care Mand
  15. Hi all hope you are all okay.. I am having biopsy Tuesday and I am worried as I feel really bad ..I have been eating it again for 5 weeks and Ive started getting major D straight after eating..do you think this means I am alot more damaged than I was??? I feel so ruff fatigue, sore eyes, depressed, massive belly, tounge is sore and keep gettig bad breath, sickness..feel like I have got a massive hangover like never had before... I am just a bit worried but only two more days to go then back on the diet I cant wait ... x
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