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  1. You can use GI Revive and make sure your probiotic does NOT have dairy. Joan (Maine)
  2. There is wheat in both diapers and sanitary napkins. there is a video on u-tube that tells and shows how these products are made. Joan I am 40 something and I can tell you I get a rash every time I need to wear panty hose. The rash is where the elastic is at my waist band. Suppose there is some sort of gluten in the elastic of these garments? (Diapers and panty hose?)
  3. Flavored chips often have dairy powder mixed with the seasonings....I react to dairy as the gluten protein and the dairy protein as supposed to be similar. Joan
  4. Flavored chips often have dairy powder mixed with the seasonings....I react to dairy as the gluten protein and the dairy protein as supposed to be similar. Joan
  5. Yes, I itch without actually breaking out....with small amounts of gluten, dairy and/or iodine. as time goes on I react more quickly and to smaller amounts. My blisters have actually been small and mostly on my face and scalp....it took six months to get a dermatologist appt. so naturally I was clear when the appt. came around. The derm. did agree to try to see me on short notice if I accidently get ingest dairy, gluten or iodine and have an outbreak. I do itch with a small rash on my shins and upper back
  6. Hi Lynn, I live north of you near Bangor would be happy to answer questions or share information. Joan Hi! Not sure if i am doing this right. But I am from Maine I am from the capitol area. I found out I had Celiac earlier this year. My grandmother suffered all her life with it, and my brother has it. Recently my Aunt tested positive.
  7. Kassandra, Yes, it can be on your scalp. I have DH in my hair....other places as well. I have been mostly gluten free for a year and gluten free for eight months. iodine (salt and seafood) sets my DH off....shoulders, face, shins and scalp. I experience intense itching. I am very careful with toiletries and soap which also helps. I still have problems with dairy as well. Sincerely, Joan
  8. My DH improves when I am not only gluten-free, but iodine controlled al that passes my lips..... seafood and dairy (iodine and lactose) are aggravators for me. I am vigilant about every morsel that passes my lips, makeup, personal care products.....even laundry detergents, etc. I have lichen sclerosis and hypothyroidism. when they say autoimmune diseases often occur in clusters, they aren't kidding...I have a raft of professionals....specialists are frustrating, expensive, and seemingly uninterested in the big picture.Alternative pracioners have been much more responsive even though they have not been covered by my insurance. Joan
  9. I'm wary of Aveeno....gluten??? Iodized salt will aggravate DH. For me dairy is also and irritant. I am hopeful that someday dairy can be back in my life after my intestines heal although I have gluten free for six months. Vanacreme at Walmart Pharmacy is wonderfully soothing and is formulated without many irritants...no precription although they may hav to overnight order it for you....it is not expensive. If you have Dermatitis Herpetiformis, you are probably sensitive to many chemicals and cleaning products.....be careful and cautious. I am VERY careful to screen my personal care products. Always pantiliners and other products are known to be irritating to many women. Joan
  10. Maeve, I live near Bangor and work in Ellsworth. Once a month we have a Celiac Meeting in Bangor. It is very low key and there are lots helpful tips and information. Sincerely, Joan
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