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  1. the lay's are said to be gluten free i contacted the company and most lay's are but they did say there was some risk of contamination but was low because most of their products are gluten free the walmart hambuger though gets me every time so i stick to the fresh ground places and seem to do fine but ham is very risky i just stay away from it all together
  2. i just got back from the doc. and he gave me lexapro for depression but not being the expert on celiac he could not say for sure if it was glutten free does anyone else take this or know anything about it he also took some blood to test my thyroid i don't know much about this anyone have any info. on this I also wanted to thank all of you for these forums i would be totaly lost without it sleep1
  3. thank you for checking my pharmasist didn't know what glutten was don't they go to school for that kind of stuff i think i need to change where i get my meds
  4. does anyone know of any products that are safe to use and glutten free such as shampoo,body soap,makeup,and deoderant i have been so ichy and am pretty sure i haven't eaten anything i shouldn't so this is all i can think of that could be causing this i am still pretty new to this and not to sure what some of these ingrediants are
  5. Judy04 you said you had taken Ambien but found that it was not glutten free do you know of any meds that are,like Lunesta or something simmilar i have to see my doctor tomarrow and want to know what to ask him about i have currently been taking Ambien and think it might be why i still am not feeling any better i was sure i had gotten rid of all the glutten stuff but guess not and i will be up for days even weeks without sleeping if I don't have something i have tried several times before and it just wont happen and after that long without sleep suicide will seem like the only option i can't go there agian i already have a deperssion problem (the reason for seeing the doc.)
  6. I am new to this and not one that normaly talks about my problems but is depression a normality with celiac i have been down for so long and it's only getting worse i have an appoinment with my doctor wensday but i really just want to go to sleep and just not wake up in the morning sorry to put this on any of you but no one around here to talk to that even comes close to understanding anything about celiac most don't even know what glutten is I have only been glutten free since March 23 2007 so it hasn't even been a month yet will i feel better soon both physicly and mentaly
  7. I was told 3-22-07 that I had celiac spru so I have been glutten free (as far as I know) since, but still feel extreamly tired all the time and still hurt most of the time whether it is my gut, migranes(3-4 a week)or just pain in my muscles and bones. What kinds of things should i be asking my doc.? also does anyone have suggestions on staying asleep I have been taking Ambien CR and it gets me to sleep but only for a few hours then just off and on (if that) I never feel like i have had enough even with all the naps I have to take to make it through the day,I know it hasn't been that long but when will I feel better and does anyelse want to cry or am I just Depressed?
  8. I am also new to this (2-22-07) and you sound just like me,but reading all of your replies I will be calling my doctor when I am done here. I already take Ambien CR to sleep at night and still wake up feeling like I have been awake for days but without it I wouldn't sleep at night at all (I have tried)but for some reason I could sleep all day with no drugs this also affects my work drasticaly and my home life does any one have any idea why this is? The doctors have been making me feel crazy for so long never finding anything wrong with me till now, could celiac's be my problem with sleep too or do you think there is something else wrong with me, and what about migranes does any one else get them I get 3-4 a week
  9. i have recently been diagnosed with celiac's and i happen to suffer from insonima i have taken Ambien CR for 2 years nightly but it doesn't seem to be working that well anymore i can fall asleep but only sleep for a few hours and then only on and off for the rest of the night any suggestions on what else to try or ask the doctor about
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