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  1. Can I use tapioca starch instead of potato starch??? ANyone know? I want to make this bread recipe tonight, but that's all I have. I couldn't even find potato starch when I was looking for it. I'm really dying for some bread! LOL Thanks! Kym
  2. I just bought my REFURBISHED Kitchen Aid from amazon. An amazing price for a 425 (or is it 450) watt professional series with the bowl lifter. I paid less than the 250 watt models, got free shipping, and a one year warranty. I know that I could have problems in a year, but I could get most any color and everyone swears that they are as good as if not better (beccause they are inspected so closely) than new. Just a thought. Kym
  3. Frito Lay

    Just an FYI, I was at the store tonight and was going to buy Frito's Flavor Twists...Honey BBQ. It's on your list as being safe, but the ingredients list clearly states wheat flour on it. Do you know if this is a recent change?? Thanks! Kym (who's very disappointed since I love those!)
  4. I think she meant that SHE had inadvertently glutened it because she was not yet gluten-free, not that the product wasn't gluten-free. Correct me if I'm wrong, Kat. Kym
  5. Hello. Being new, I'm looking to make this transition as easy as possible for myself. We love to eat out at Red Robin, and I see that they have some potentially safe foods. Anybody want to chime in on what the Best bun would be that's gluten-free? I would have a tough time eating a hamburger without a bun, and thought maybe I could bring my own with me. But, I'm big into tastes, too. So, which tastes the most like a "real" hamburger bun?? Thanks! Kym
  6. Hello.... just wanted to say thanks to all that responded to my post in the diet/food area. The hints/suggestions were very helpful! Anyway, I've been reading a lot of the posts. The information here is great! I was wondering something, though....this is probably a stupid question, but you never know. I'm reading all this stuff about the cross contamination. I totally understand how this would be a major issue with Celiac. Not questioning that at all. But, I'm wondering if some of the people who don't have Celiac, but just a sensitivity can tell me if this is also a major thing for them. Do you also have these major reactions if you eat out where cross contamination is a possibility. I want to make this work, but with my lifestyle, I know it will be a challenge for me if I can't eat out, since that is something we do at least once a week. I want to make this work, and I need to know up front how vigilant I must be about even the most minor exposures. Anyway, just thought I'd ask. Never hurts to try and get an exuse. Thanks! Kym
  7. This list is awesome and was just what I was lookng for! I'm happy to see I won't have to give up as much as I thought! LOL I appreciate your work on that! I'm not feeling nearly as overwhelmed. Kym
  8. What about Rice Krispies....I didn't see anything in the ingredients. What did I miss?? I love the strawberry ones. I am a HUGE cereal eater, and that was going to be one of the hardest things for me to give up. I like the kids cereals, which would make it harder. I'm glad to see Trix on the list....I like that one enough. Kym
  9. Hi. I'm not Celiac, but highly suspicious that I'm gluten sensitive, so I want to give the gluten free diet a try to see if I get benefits from it. However, I am a BIG bread/pasta/casserole eater, and this is going to be tough. I'm also not supre big on cooking, and that's why we like the casseroles. I am loving looking thru the recipes, but everything here seems to be baked goods. Not that that's a bad thing, but I don't think it will sustain me! LOL Anyway, I'm on a budget, too. Aren't we all. What my question is is this: What are the essential staples I must get? How about recommended gluten-free pastas that taste good? I'm seeing things listed that I never suspected had gluten in them...like HAM and chicken broth??? So, I am thinking I need something to tell me the most common ingredients to watch for. I know the obvious...wheat, flour. Can you point me to a place that would have a great list? As far as ingredients,what I'm seeing is a mix of flours, xanthum gum, potato and tapioca starches coming up the most frequently. I was at Meijer today and saw a selection of gluten-free products/flours. Are they more reasonably priced than at a place like Whole Foods? Thanks for any assistance! Kym
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