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  1. wow so that could be why my blood pressure is so low as well, it has been 80/60 lately and that gets me seriously light headed. Hummmm. I hadn't made that connection, thank you for mentioning it, I will make sure to bring it up at the Doc. I am a bit frustrated that no doc has ever put two and two together here on teh thyroid and the celiac, oh well, now I am getting somewhere.
  2. Needing Reassurance

    Don't get too worked up about it, I didn't realize I had the gluten issue until I was pregnant, so I ate gluten up and through the first month of pregnancy and my little girl is perfect as can be, so do your best to get it out of your system and lay off of it, but you can't change the past. By the way you will feel a ton better when you are off the gluten, it seems you are a million times more sensitive while pregnant. Be careful and good luck.
  3. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I was diagnosed years ago with Hypothyroid and have been on medication, here is the kicker they found it while they were trying to figure out why I was having such bad abdominal pain. So years later as I got more and more sick finally I cut gluten out of my diet, and whala~! I have no stomach issues, no sores in my mouth, no other issues (you guys know what I mean) and now a year and a half later, my thyroid is suddenly working on its own again. Has anyone else had this happen? I read a study that said that undiagnosed Celiac can attack the thyroid and cause the autoimmune disease, so can it be fixed by laying off of gluten? I am psyched. I see a doc in two weeks, maybe he will know, but I really don't hold out much hope on that end of things.
  4. Sorry to say this but: Yeah I am not alone. I have gotten sores in my mouth and on my tongue for years now. One doc said they are from celiac and the dentist said it is from over production of acid. They are in general better now that I am off of gluten, but just a tiny bit of the crazy stuff will set my mouth off like crazy. The dentist recommended using Rembradt toothpaste, and that has helped and so has rubbing some baking soda in my mouth after brushing, doesn't taste the best but helps the sores and the roof of the mouth heal and not hurt so bad. The reason the dentist said not to brush with baking soda is it breaks down the enamel of your teeth. Hope that helps some of you, when the sores are bad I put a bit of baking soda in my mouth and swish it around and the sores heal quicker and they don't hurt so bad, well except when you eat or swallow, . Good luck.
  5. Number one:I am so jealous of you guys who can get vitamins or pills down, I have a really rough time, because they make my stomach really upset. But I like the other person with Thyroid medicine take it first thing each morning so that it has an hour to settle in. But with vitamins it is hit or miss at night, and I like Georgia Girl use kid vitamins a lot, being able to chew up a tablet makes it a whole bunch easier for me to get down. Good luck with setting up a habbit pattern that works for you. I think the key is repition, once you have taken something at the same time each day over an extended period it becomes old hat.
  6. I can eat popcorn with butter if I air pop it and melt butter, but the stuff out makes celiac go off, maybe it is a mysterious ingredient in the butter stuff they put on it. I would avoid.
  7. Duhhh, maybe the reason I get sick off my vitamin each night is it isn't gluten free. I obviously avoided the gel cap vitamins but the alternative they gave me seemed to be ok the first few weeks but now it makes me pretty sick and if I wake up in the middle of the night my stomach is usually a mess, I am definately checking that out. Thank you, maybe i haven't been messing up my diet maybe it is the vitamin?
  8. Thank you Alamaz, I will try and avoid the things you listed, sadly I was eating peanuts by the handfuls the first month of pregnancy but have been too sick lately, I won't add them back in, bummer about Soy products. I really appreciate all of the help you guys are giving me.
  9. Once you have the baby, please DO NOT do a gluten challenge, no matter what the doctor says. Because it could cause irreversible damage, as has been shown many times.
  10. Hi I am new to figuring out this Celiac thing, and I haven't been diagnosed yet. For years I have gone to GI docs and Gen. Prac. to find out what is making my lower abdomen hurt all the time and then in the past year I kept getting what I thought was the flu, of course it followed all big gluten meals, eventually I asked my sister who is a nurse if there was something in Bread that could be making me sick since I would eat pizza and be sick for a day or two afterwards, the same with a sandwich or heaven forbid Tabuli. So she directed me to look up Celiac and as soon as I took Gluten out of my diet, the sores in my mouth went away my abdomen got better, even my bowels got fixed, so then a month later when I was in the middle of finding a doc, I also figured out I was pregnant, I asked when they were taking all of the blood for the various pregnancy tests if they could run the one for Celiac and the doc of course said there wasn't one. So now I know I need to find someone more knowledgable on that subject. But here is my problem, I am in my first trimester and everything makes me sick all I want to eat is soda crackers. Any of you ladies out there who have been through this have any advice for me? Sorry for being so long winded but wanted to give the whole picture. Thanks for any advice. One other question, now that I have taken Gluten out of my diet in order to get tested won't I have to put it back in for a while and if so is it worth it? I don't really want to go back to feeling so horrible.
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