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  1. TY I think it helps me that food isn't a major priority for me, as long as I can have bread too...lol Hubby bought me a bread machine and I have made and frozen enough bread for me for the next week or so.
  2. HI!! I'm not any help to you group-wise but I too live in WV, about 1 hr from Martinsburg, up near Cumberland Md Welcome and hello!!
  3. TY, it is good not to hve as much stomach discomfort
  4. Just checking in, been gluten-free(with that one slip last weekend ) for 2 weeks, so officially 1 week I'm not finding it too difficult, bought a bread machine and found rice flour, our local Martin's mkt has a gluten-free section, got cookies and other goodies there. I'm not having the belly-aches as bad but the fatigue and so forth con't but I'm going to truck on and give it some time. TY guys for the support, it means alot, I've learned alot from reading past posts.
  5. Hubby went to the market and got me gluten-free cookies, bread and pizza mix..and last week he bought us a bread machine so now I have so excuse to fall off the wagon again...
  6. TY I had figured that was prob the case. Actually, tho, the GI sx for me are the least of it, not alot of diahhrea but alot o bloating and discomfort but I guess I'e "gotten used" to it. My main prob is th eoverwhelming fatigue, (in spite of a hemoglobin of 12.9) and the neuropathy of feet and legs. Some days I can berely function. Is this familiar to anyone here and if so, did relief come with the gluten-free diet? I can totally go gluten-free if I know that it may help, I'm so desperate for relief.
  7. TY all....I'll just consider this a minor relapse I was going to take something to munch on at the party but got in a hurry and forgot. My family isn't a prob, they're used to seeing me not eat much at family functions
  8. I joined last week, had been gluten-free for 6 days but tonight was out GD 2nd bday and the sight of pizza was too much for me and I broke down and ate 2 pieces. I really hadn't been having too tough of a time with the dietary changes, in fact I was prob eating a bit healthier, subbing a banana or an apple for a few crackers for a snack. Is this a makor setback? Also, I need to know..altho I was only gluten-free for 6 days, should I have not experienced SOME kind of difference? Less bloating, stomach discomfort, fatigue? I didn't feel any better at all. Now, I know that the vets will poo-poo this and tell me it take mths and yrs to see a real diff but should I notice ANY diff at all right away or is that wishful thinking ?
  9. Dairy has never been a problem for me and no Candida here As far as sweets, I can take or leave, occ a piece of milk choc and then I'm good for awhile. And I agree about control over our own health, if we don't look out for it, who will?
  10. TY, I'll consider that. Of course docs aren't going to cure anything, that would be sorta like the oil companies inventing a gas-free car. Needless to say, I don't have alot of faith in docs anymore, they all have their own aganda, it seems and it doesn't include seeing a pt as a whole person. sigh....
  11. Actually, Ali, my b12 level tested as high but my iron sats are way low, in spite of my actual iron level being normal. that would seem like a malapsorption issue to me I'm not one that needs to know why, just how to fix it
  12. TY for the info, I don't mean to come off sounding as if I'm making light of it This all brand-new, as in 2 days new to me, I don't have dx of celiac disease but I am so desperate to regain my health and this might be the answer. At the very least, it will make me eat better...lol Fortunatley, food is not my passion so it may not be as difficult for me, it's just going to take some getting used to being consious of what I eat .
  13. lol Are there degrees of Celiac disease/gluten-intolerance? What I mean is, are some ppl more intolerant and able to cheat sometimes( I sound fully comitted, don't I ) I have only this weekend begun to be aware of gluten problems so please overlook if this seems goofy
  14. I have tingling in my hands and feet and my B12 level tested at above normal. I agree with others that it may not be B12 related but due to another condition.
  15. Of course, the drug co. and the medical community is going to be slow to recognize or to admit to recognizing anthing that they will have no control over and make no money on. I read these posts and sit here with my mouth haning open....so many of the ailments and symptoms described fit me to a T. I don't remember ever feeling really well but I did eat "better" when I was younger and raising a family. In recent yrs with just hubby and me hre, I've been a gluten-glutton, I guess, alot more bread, etc and fewer veggies and fruit. Perhaps this has worsened a condition I've had all of my life? No matter, I now know what may be the cultprit behind the misery. I was recently dx with mono, have had neuropathy of feet and legs for several yrs, have very low iron saturations altho my iron level is normal,(doc says that for some reason, my body is unable to use the iron it has in store....uh, hello???) have Reynaud's,tae meds for depression, and oh, shoot just feel like mud! Most of you know, you've been there. I am so anxious to give this a shot! I would give up just about anything to feel good and be healthy .....
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