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  1. Hello! I too had unexplained anemia from age 5 until this past January - so about 23/24 years. Never resolved with iron supplements - in fact rarely even got a bit better. This January, went in for well woman physical and the Hemoglobin...
  2. TipTip

    Just Diagnosed.

    Welcome 006... I know it is overwhelming at first - for me it was pretty shocking, I too had few symptoms other than fatigue. I also had several crying jags in Whole Foods and other places when I couldn't eat what I wanted to (even if...
  3. Hang in there Joon! It took me almost four months to really be able to see and feel a difference in my body and my spirits going gluten free!
  4. Hi there... I had terrible depression when I first went gluten free. It really did clear up for me though after a couple months. It does come back if I eat gluten though - so I'm very very careful now. All of the icky side effects...
  5. Hi There! i have a tendency to have a lot of problems regulating my body temperature for a couple days after being glutened - it's like i have the flu. i also get terrible muscle fatigue, which drives me nuts. i found my periods...
  6. TipTip


    healing thoughts being sent your way leadmeastray! i'm sorry you're in so much pain, i remember those days all too well. i agree with Ursa Major, i would go in person and ask for your results if you really want them. they can not...
  7. I know that I used to have fairly delayed and "minor" reactions to gluten when I first went on the gluten-free lifestyle... But now, my reactions are fairly severe and it can take a week or more for me to get back to my old self if I...
  8. TipTip

    Very Confused

    Hi there! I am in the Phoenix area too... aren't you loving this heat? I know I felt like crap for a couple months after going gluten free. I am now about four months out and I am feeling better - which is kind of funny because I...
  9. Thank you everybody for your kind words and thoughts and reality-check advise. After I wrote all that, I picked a fight with the DH and went to bed. I woke up feeling much better (too bad for him though ) and am ready to start this...
  10. Hi There, I have been lurking around here for about a week, since my diagnosis. I have had anemia since I was five and now, twenty three years later finally have a great PCP and GI doctor who did the tests and diagnosis (biopsies and...