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  1. Hello! I too had unexplained anemia from age 5 until this past January - so about 23/24 years. Never resolved with iron supplements - in fact rarely even got a bit better. This January, went in for well woman physical and the Hemoglobin was around a 5 and they were talking about immediate iron transfusions, which I adamantly did not want - so they tried the endoscopy first and found the celiac. I have been slightly remiss in getting my blood drawn again recently, but I can say after five months on the diet, I truly do feel better - I don't need the sleep I used to, I don't get as fatigued as I used to and the weird blotchy, gray skin has gone away for the most part as have the circles around my eyes and my hair and nails are better - I do believe my iron levels are good now.
  2. Just Diagnosed.

    Welcome 006... I know it is overwhelming at first - for me it was pretty shocking, I too had few symptoms other than fatigue. I also had several crying jags in Whole Foods and other places when I couldn't eat what I wanted to (even if there were foods available) or when people (friends, family) would question my diagnosis. I also felt very overwhelmed with the hidden gluten, the cross contamination and worry. I also had to really adjust to telling people about my diet, changing my behavior and viewing myself in a new light. And, though I agree with other posters that at least you found it early and at least you don't have something worse - it's okay for right now not to feel that way. When you're first in it, you can feel however you want - regardless of how lucky you are not to have something worse. Those kind of logic conversations might not be meaningful for awhile - and that's okay too. I know I tended to get very very angry when people would say this to me when I was first diagnosed - because essentially it meant "you have it pretty good" which though true, is not comforting when you are in the first weeks spinning around getting your feet planted in this new gluten-free world. My suggestion (from a fellow grocery store cryer!) is to take it one day at a time, allow yourself to be sad or angry occasionally (though don't take it out on others ) and hopefully take some comfort from the knowledge that you will eventually feel better (even if you think you felt fine before - like me!) and it will get easier (I promise...). Take care.
  3. Hang in there Joon! It took me almost four months to really be able to see and feel a difference in my body and my spirits going gluten free!
  4. Hi there... I had terrible depression when I first went gluten free. It really did clear up for me though after a couple months. It does come back if I eat gluten though - so I'm very very careful now. All of the icky side effects of being gluten-free really do go away when your body gets used to it. Good luck!
  5. Hi There! i have a tendency to have a lot of problems regulating my body temperature for a couple days after being glutened - it's like i have the flu. i also get terrible muscle fatigue, which drives me nuts. i found my periods have become "normal" - because they used to be barely noticeable - probably because i was so severely anemic and malnourished - or so i'm told. i'm closing in on the 6 month mark now too, and it's getting easier - it's still not easy, but it is easier!
  6. Vent

    healing thoughts being sent your way leadmeastray! i'm sorry you're in so much pain, i remember those days all too well. i agree with Ursa Major, i would go in person and ask for your results if you really want them. they can not withhold the results of a medical test from you (if you're in the US)... or, another idea is to call in as an emergency to your surgeon or to go to your primary care as an emergency appointment. i've done the latter many times (mainly because i don't like going to my GI) and she acts as an intermediary - but i have a good relationship with her, i don't know your situation. what i would say more than anything is that you are the patient and if you're in pain, you have a right to seek help - don't talk yourself out of getting help if you need it.
  7. I know that I used to have fairly delayed and "minor" reactions to gluten when I first went on the gluten-free lifestyle... But now, my reactions are fairly severe and it can take a week or more for me to get back to my old self if I consume gluten. I think what people have said is correct, the longer you are gluten-free and the more healed you are the more severe your reactions become - or at least that has proven true for me.
  8. Very Confused

    Hi there! I am in the Phoenix area too... aren't you loving this heat? I know I felt like crap for a couple months after going gluten free. I am now about four months out and I am feeling better - which is kind of funny because I did not feel bad before. Give yourself time, this is not the easiest transition - or at least it was not for me. I am also an overweight Celiac and according to the BMI scales and everything at the doctor's office also have about 60 pounds to lose - but I take one thing at a time now, so for now I just focus on the gluten and pay attention to the fat - but I do not worry about it too much. Although I really did feel better by leaps and bounds when I took out sugar and replaced it with anti-inflammatory foods. Best to you, hang in there - this is a process, a slow process, but a process that does get easier over time... I swear.
  9. Thank you everybody for your kind words and thoughts and reality-check advise. After I wrote all that, I picked a fight with the DH and went to bed. I woke up feeling much better (too bad for him though ) and am ready to start this process again. I really appreciate all the sage advise - you really made my week. Thank you.
  10. Hi There, I have been lurking around here for about a week, since my diagnosis. I have had anemia since I was five and now, twenty three years later finally have a great PCP and GI doctor who did the tests and diagnosis (biopsies and blood tests positive). This was mainly because I'm of childbearing age and my anemia is so bad I could not carry a child if I wanted to at this point. I have gone completely off gluten since last friday and I am just really cranky and I am not a cranky person. I can not really talk about this at home, and I need to just say this out loud. I tried to talk to friends (who are, in every other way, very very supportive) and mostly what I've gotten is; Well you're not losing your hair (one friend is), Well you don't have cancer (one friend does), Well you have a great husband, Well you have a nice home, Well you have a good career. This just angers me to no end. I am not asking them to DO anything for me, except listen and know that I have this and I am well aware that I don't have cancer and that my life is very good - but this still sucks for right now. Both of my docs (PCP and GI) have given me the "attitude is everything" pep talk which I have found more than annoying - I find it insulting - it's only been a week - don't I get a little depressed time???? I am a social worker for pete's sake - I know attitude is everything - but so is feeling a little blue... it's only been a week people, if I'm still blue in a month, THEN give me the talk until then, leave me be! I went to a nutritionist per my GI today who told me that I may be anorexic (though I have a BMI of 30+) because I'm so restricted in eating (which is both me being picky and getting used to this gluten free thing) and just wouldn't let it go and she told me that I can try wheat again in five years... yeah I don't know. It was the biggest waste of time and money - and she printed out the food list on CDF website and gave it to me! I did that! And I do have a ED history, and just randomly asking me if I have an ED is really not helpful and in fact was very upsetting - you are there to work with my Celiac... I had no real clue we had to talk about something 10 years in the past. (I admit that I could be very wrong about this, but it's a hot-button issue for me and it was very upsetting - if there is a good reason for discussing it, then I'm in the wrong and mea culpa). And this whole thing about eating clean and being careful - people are acting like I'm making this up - I'm not!!! My GI told me "if you screw around on this, I will be treating you for cancer in ten years. Every single first-degree relative of yours has had or has cancer - you can not screw around with this, you get on the boat and you stay on the boat". Why would I challenge him? Why wouldn't I listen? More importantly why on earth would I make this up? My husband is great... truly great - I have nothing but kudos for him. And... (my final rant, I promise) I am going through *terrible* gluten withdrawls. I am so much sicker now, a week after going gluten free than I ever was before the diagnosis. I was never sick and never felt bad - ever (though no one believes me) and my only symptom was enduring anemia that never cleared up with supplements for 23 years. That's it - just the anemia! Now, I have a headache, a fever, no appetite, my throat hurts, my whole body hurts so bad I could cry (and have) and I'm in a foul mood ALL THE TIME. I'm tired and so cranky and I don't want to see anyone, I don't want to go to school, I don't want to work... I just want to be with my dogs and lay on the couch. I don't even really know what it is I am mad about.... but I want to yell at everyone who tries to talk to me about this or tells me what they looked up, or how the doctor is wrong or how they gave up (animal products, meat, dairy) as a new years resolution and they did okay. This isn't a resolution! This is a lifestyle! This is not MY choice! I don't get a say! Grrrrrr!!!!!! I have an appointment scheduled with my therapist - that will be good. Thank you for listening, you're all so kind to each other and newbies - so I hope it's okay that my first post was a long rant. I don't really need responses, I just have to say this - no one in my real life wants to hear it. I sound so pathetic, but it's really true - and I'm kind of bored of myself at this point.