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  1. pookie91260

    Bloating And Constipation

    Hi Bea, Where can I find back to basics?? thanks Dawn
  2. pookie91260

    Bloating And Constipation

    Thanks so much for all the great advice. I have been lactose intolerant my whole life. I discovered my soy intolerance after i was diagnosed with celiac. I am hyperglycemic so i do watch my sugars as well. I eat fruit and salad every day. never thought tomatos or peppers could be a problem. I think I will ask for the ELISA and find out what other allergies i may have. Like you i'm sure, I was so sick for so long before diagnosis, and i was eliminating the wrong food from my diet. Who wuld think a peice of toast would ever make yu sick right? after all, isnt that what you eat when you dont feel good?? I am going to look at bac to basics now and please tell me more about those enzymes bromelain and papain. again thanks so much for all help. Dawn
  3. Hi, I have been Celiac for about a year now. I still hve a lot of prbolems with, bloating, gas, constipation and loose stools. I am very dilligent about watching what I eat. I dont want to live on dulcolax and gas-ex the rest of my life. DOes anyone still ahve this problem? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks
  4. pookie91260

    Foxwoods/mohegan Sun

    HI, Does anyone know of a good restaurant with a gluten-free menu in Conneticut. I am visitn Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun this weekend. Thanks Pook
  5. pookie91260

    Macdonalds Fries?

    I recently attended a Celiac Conference sponsored by Beth Israel Hospital. The subject of McDonald's Fries came up and the team siad that YEs they are gluten free. I have not tried them however.
  6. pookie91260


    Thanks so much. I am going to get some. my head has been pounding for two days and tylenol is not helping.
  7. Hi, I am trying to find out if Excedrin is gluten free. I called Briston Meyers, but they sold this medication to Norvadis.( not sure on spelling) They gave me a non working phone #, and I can't find a website. Does anyone use Excedrin? Thanks Pook
  8. pookie91260

    Recent Glutening And Commencement Of Strenuous Excercise

    Joint pain is a symptom of celiac. I have found that excercise makes me feel better. I have kept at it for a few months now and I am finally beginning to feel good. My posture was horrbile and my muscle was mush. i am now gaining muscle back and standing taller. I do a lot of walking, i like to run at least once or twice a week. i weight train and do ab work. i also jump rope. don't give up.
  9. pookie91260

    Nestle Polar Popsicles

    some popsicles have malt so you have to be careful. try the whole fruit brand-but read the ingredients
  10. Anyone wish they could have a Girl Scout Cookie? i am really missing thin mints and thanks a lots (no pun intended) I emailed GSA suggesting a gluten-free cookie and was quite disappointed with their repsonse. I am forwarding it on in case anyone else wants to write them with the suggestion that they come up with a gluten free cookie. With all kthe kids who have celiac i cant beleive they dont think the demand would be there for it! Thanks for your message to Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. We appreciate your request for a gluten free cookie. We have asked our cookie companies to look into this--it is a question of supply and demand, complicated by the increasing cost of ingredients and sourcing. At this point, we are not able to guarantee if/when we will have gluten free offerings; however, we can assure you that we will continue to look for ways to improve and better serve our members and the public. Thanks again for taking the time to contact Girl Scouts.
  11. pookie91260

    Long Road Trips With Celiac

    I would be leary of fast food places. too much risk of cross contamination. maybe he is picky becuase of the ailment and once you figure out what he enjoys you can stick with that. fresh fruit and vegetables are good. as is salad. i eat a lot of jello for snacks.
  12. pookie91260

    Hand And Food On One Side 'drawing Up'

    I have had the same problem for several years now. I cramp in my toes, hands, and legs. my mom always said grab on to something metal thats cold and squeeze. beleive it or not it works! I tried magnesium but it didn't help. I started doing a lot of walking and that has helped with night cramps. I also take an excercise class that invloves a lot of stretching. I strech out every night before bed and every morning when I get up. [
  13. Yes! it is a huge pain to clean it all the time.
  14. have him read up on it. i emailed my family several articles I found online to help them understand. the gluten free bible is an excellent book. I am in the same shape you are. not only can you not use contaminated products, you have to be sure your toaster and microwave are clean as well. hang in there-it gets better.