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  1. My daughter's doctor had only me, my husband and son tested. He said if one of us came back positive he would send the...
  2. We have designated the pantry for all of my daughters gluten-free foods, we have also designated shelves in the fridge...
  3. Bex326

    Constant Loose Stools

    Hi Kelly, My daugher was 2 yrs old when diagnosed with Celiac disease. She was only 20 lbs. at her 2 yr check up...
  4. Bex326

    Sorry . . . Diaper Question!

    Hi, my daughter had a similar issue. Her stool looked like had pepper/food in it. At first I thought it was something...
  5. Bex326

    Childrens Birthday Cakes

    Hi, Can anyone suggest great tasting and fun cakes/decorations for a childrens birthday cake. I would also love to have...