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  1. aheartsj

    Lever 2000

    My boyfriend talked to a nice person on the phone at lever who informed him that lever will state on there packages if there are any of the top 8 allergens in there products I personally use the lever pure rain numerous times a day with no issuses.But they do suggest reading the label each time you buy it because there formulas do change.They also said they would put something on there website to help people who have allergens make it easier to pick a soap.Hope they werent just saying that....
  2. aheartsj


    I have been using clearasil for two years and didnt want to have to give it up.I love there products I emailed them the other day and got a great list.Hope it helps. RECKITT BENCKISER.  P.O. Box 224 Parsippany, New Jersey  07054-0224  (973) 404-2600  Fax (973) 404-5699 REV. July 06 CLEARASIL GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS (Contain no Wheat, Barley, Rye, and Oats) The following products contain no Wheat, Barley, Rye or Oats: CLEARASIL GLUTEN FREE LIST  Clearasil
  3. I dont think you should be sorry thats what blogging is all about.. I know sort of how your feeling when I was sick for three months every single day and night basically and I was starting to think I was just crazy because two hospital visits and no answers really.I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease and even though I tried not eating glutens I was still getting really sick everyday.My boyfriend who I live with was understanding as much as he could be but he just was not getting the fact that I could not eat those foods ever again he just kept saying oh in a few months when you get bett
  4. This is a flea market in which all proceeds are donated to THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO CELIAC DISEASE CENTER AND P.E.T.A.There is a cost of $40 cash only to rent a table for the day to sell your stuff(anything you make from selling your stuff is completley yours no questions asked).Shopping is free and there will be drinks and snacks sold (some gluten free ones of course considering I suffer from it) as well as a donation box.The flea market will be held in bronx,ny the date and time and location are not 100% definate yet but will be shortly announced.So whether you want to sell your stuff find
  5. hey good idea even though i do not live in NC i commend you for trying to help those that do..there is an awesome place in nyc that i go to it has a lot of gluten free products(i dont know if your into ordering and having them shipped but they are great taste exactly like regular food.thanks for helping us fellow sufferers!!!!
  6. aheartsj

    Not Gonna Take It

    i have spent many many mornings in tears over the pain i am in and how hard this is....well i certainly agree with one thing the prices are unbelievable for most things.I have only been living gluten free for about three weeks but it feels like three years i ate out basically every day before this now i havent sat down at meal in a restaurant in probably a month.This is soooo hard but i tell ya if it wasnt for my boyfriend i dont know how worse off id be.he takes me to these places that sell gluten free stuff no matter how far he has to drive to do it for me.I am not cheap by any means but whe
  7. There are sooo many days i have felt exactly the way you do i just turned 23 but i feel like im 43.I was diagnosed with celiac about three weeks ago yet it feels like 3 years ago.this has been really hard for me considering my diet consisted of wendys mcdonalds breads and pastas.I am not a meat or fish eater so i go through the same feelings as you what the hell do i eat throughout the day i often find myself not eating which is worse.I have gotten really lazy and gained a lot of weight i have never been skinny yet ive also never been this heavy and it really bothers me cause i feel like sayin
  8. aheartsj

    Omg Someone Help!

    I feel sort of like im reading my own story except im not a nine year old boy lol but seriously i was diagnosed with celiacs about three weeks ago yet it feels like three years ago already.This is really hard i commend you for being strong enough to do it for a nine year old im 23 i can take care of myself and its still very hard.I feel for your son because I am going through the same thing right now i have been sooo sick the last 3 or 4 months and even though i am trying to eat gluten free i am sick all the time still I wake up every morning in so much pain sometimes I actually cry from it ma
  9. I am not a teen but I was recently diagnosed with celiac I just turned 23 and it has changed my life I cant be the carefree person I was before I got to be a teenager without being sick all the time it must be hard for you to be going through this now.
  10. Have you ever tried Lactaid??? its a lactose supplement that allows you to have dairy.My boyfriend is lactose intolerant and he uses them all the time to have cheese ice cream and so on with no problem.They are between 4 and 15 dollars a box depending how many you get and where you get them they are cheapest at walmart ive noticed.You take one with your first bite of dairy and than judge how much you think after that its simple and easy and they even have a flavored one.If you really love milk products its a good buy even just once in a while.Hope that helps.
  11. I don't really know why there is a debation on wheher mcdonalds fries are gluten free there website clearly lists the ingredients and under the french fries section it specificallly states there is wheat in the beef flavoring they use and at the end of the list it clearly states in bold caps CONTAINS:WHEAT AND MILK.I dont know why people are so between this subject when there website clearly states it has wheat they wouldnt say that if it wasnt true they would just let people buy it.There website clearly states which items have wheat in them.I was just as annoyed as the next to find out it's j
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